I don’t have a device The humble robot has been tested as quickly as the vacuum in the last few years. You can now get a robot wax at every price point with an incredible array of features, including mapping capabilities, self-empty bins and a camera – everything to help keep you from getting too tight when your feet get stuck on your floor.

Over the years, we have tested dozens of robot vacuums to find the one that best suits the array of needs. Whether you’re drowning in dog hair, you need to lighten your workload, or want to spend a little more time with your family, we have a choice that can help. Looking for things in the other hand of the house? Be sure to check out our other shopping guides including Best Air Purifiers and Best Pots and Pens.

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Updated July 2021: We’ve added new information, new elections like the new YD K650, and a few old units have been cut. We have also kept the Rumba i3 + our favorite vacuum due to its self-emptying.

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