A 22-year-old man was arrested in Spain on Wednesday in connection with the hacking of more than 100 Twitter accounts last July, becoming the fourth person to be charged in the incident that caused the social media service to be temporarily shut down.

Joseph O’Connor faces charges of hacking, extortion and cybersetting in a Twitter breach in the United States and has charged popular creator Edison Roy with Easterling’s ticket ok account and actor Bella Thorne’s Snapchat account, the Justice Department said.

The Twitter incident began when hackers joined the forum online forum last year, which focused on buying and selling rare usernames, some individuals involved told The New York Times at the time. They then entered Twitter’s systems by betraying employees to provide login information, according to legal filings. According to the filings, the hackers used the administrative tool to take into account the accounts of political figures and celebrities, including former President Barack Obama, Kanye West and Elon Musk, using the accounts to carry out the bitcoin scam.

Graham Evan Clark, who lawyers say is the “mastermind” of the Twitter hack, pleaded guilty in a Florida court in March to fraud charges and agreed to spend three years in juvenile prison. Two others, Mason Sheppard and Neema Fazeli, were arrested and charged with serving as intermediaries for Mr. Clark, to sell Twitter accounts.

Mr. O’Connor was a well-known hacker working on usernames, known as “plug-ins”. According to chat lugs shared by hackers with The New York Times last July, Mr. O’Connor soon communicated with the group, receiving a Twitter handle of @ 6.

At that time, Mr. O’Connor refused to be involved in the Bitcoin scam. “I don’t care,” he said in an interview. “They can arrest me. I will laugh at them. I did nothing. “

According to an affidavit submitted by the agent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which investigated the breach, Twitter lugs showed that a Twitter account belonged to Mr. O’Connor saw a lot of accounts during the hack, shopping.

Ms. According to the affidavit, Thorne’s Snapchat account was compromised in June 2019. The hacker threatened that until Ms. Thorne posted a tweet thanking him for returning his account, the affidavit said.

Instead, Ms. Thorne posted the pictures on Twitter. “I feel obese, I look up, I think someone has taken something from me,” he wrote in a statement with photos. “I can sleep well tonight knowing that I have regained my strength. You can’t control my life and you can never. “

In June 2020, Mr. Onconer made false police reports threatening violence at schools, restaurants, an airport and residences in Southern California, the affidavit said. The threats were an attempt to investigate a young man living in the area and colliding with Mr. Onconner online online, stated in the affidavit. Mr. The affidavit states that Connor also sent threatening messages and nude photos to the youth.

In August Gust, a month after the Twitter breach, hackers found Ms. Easterling’s Ticket OK account, with over 55 million followers. O’Connor’s mon naline moniker, in clear reference to Shri, his page was updated with the message “Plugwal kajo zek n krappin”.

The FBI discovered that Esterling’s account was accessed through Internet Protocol addresses linked to Mr. O’Connor, said the affidavit. They also found screenshots of his account saved in Mister. Onconner’s Snapchat, stated in the affidavit.

Declined to comment on Twitter. Snap, ticket ok, Ms. Thorne and Ms. Esterling did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Mr. O’Connor, a British man, faces extradition to the United States and faces charges in Northern California. Counsel for Mr. O’Connor was not immediately identified.