How To Activate God Mode On Windows 7, 8 and 10

If I told you that your window has two control panels, what would you say? In God mode, users have access to 260 settings regardless of the version of a Windows installation. Therefore, this guide will explain how to enable God mode in Windows using the simplest method. You can get to know about it by going through the post.

In today’s lesson, we’ll talk about God Mode. By providing access to several settings actually hidden or unavailable as shortcuts, it lets system administrators take control of several situations. Those users who want to access complex configurations will find God mode useful.

One thing I would like to clarify; it’s not a secret detective type of thing. It provides us with a variety of settings in one convenient place, making managing them much easier. First introduced in 2007, God mode is compatible with all versions of Windows, including versions 7 and 8. As of Windows 10, it is also compatible with version 10.

Steps To Activate ‘God Mode’ On Windows 7,8 and 10

The GodMode is a hidden Windows functionality that consolidates the settings of your computer into one folder.

Those wishing to have access to over 260 settings from any window version can use God Mode.

Step 1. You need to right-click on the desktop and then create a new folder.

Step 2. Now you need to Right-click on the newly created folder, and there you have to select the option “Rename” and paste the following code:


Step 3. Once you have replaced the name, you will see an icon that looks like a control panel.

Step 4. Double-click on it to launch the God mode. That’s it! You can now access over 260 commands!

Tools in GodMode are divided into different categories and sorted alphabetically. Use the feature at will, but remember never to rename the “folder/icon” because access will be lost instantly, and you have to redo the procedure from the beginning.

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