What is Aim Carrom 2.6 6 Apk

Aim Carrom Apk is praised for being a well-designed platform for establishing a serious carrom player. It’s as though you’re riveting your eyes along the widening universe route, following proper scope and bending inspection.

In contrast to the straight shot, bank kick, and rapid shot, Aimbest allows you to create a nuanced kick that is error-free. Miniclip.com has created a strongly upright trickery programme for Android, as well as the integration of training gaming software with the Aim Carrom app.

By downloading, you will have access to an app that works as an appeal on the vast majority of current Android-powered smartphones. While it is true that it is powered by Android in the end, it is still sufficient.

Aim Carrom features seamless gameplay, and everyone may play at the same time. Is there a detailed set of instructions at the start of the game that will help gamers grasp what to do and how to advance right away?

Six white pucks, six black pucks, and one red puck are scattered throughout the table. You must operate the attacker in order to shoot sparingly inside the four holes at the table’s edge. Depending on your preference, you can fire pucks in either black or white.

Your opponent will have black pucks regardless of whether you choose white or black pucks.

Shooting a ball is, likewise, a straightforward process that poses no difficulties for players. Depending on where the power plot is positioned, accessible strikers’ games will automatically establish an angle.

To kick a target, you may need to use a specific set of targeting angles. To set the angle of a certain striker, smoothly tap and travel to the right or left beam. Then go ahead and fire away. As long as your validity is near the centre of gravity, it will be great.

Features of Aim Carrom APK

  • The aim carrom device has constructive/successful features.
  • Robots broaden perspectives.
  • Aim Carrom’s latest version does not have an attach option.
  • It is neither safe nor protective.
  • AI’s ability to identify images.
  • Aim Carrom rational/logical anticipation.
  • Over malady/reverse total, all appliances are scarcely credible the particular file secure.
  • Aim Carrom’s application is unpredicted.
Apk NameAim Carrom 2.6 6 Apk
Size19.2 MB
Requires Android5.5 and up

What’s New:

  • Recently updated
  • Added additional knowledge
  • Virus and malware-free
  • Available latest & old Versions