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What is Another Girl in the Wall Apk

Another Girl In The Wall App is another game in the series. Like the other games in the series, this one takes place in an underground city full of secrets. This walkthrough will show you how to finish the game by solving all the puzzles.

In each game, some of the puzzles are different, but the way to solve them is always the same. In one game, the code to open the safe might be 1234, while in another, it might be 4321. But the numbers behind the code will always be in the same place and have the same letters.

Early in the story, we learn that a horrible murder happened in a house in the Hidden City and that the house has been locked up and left empty ever since. But strange things started happening in the house, and some people said they saw Another Girl In The Wall. The main character is drawn to the house and decides to go inside, but as soon as he does, the door shuts behind him. So our job is to find a way out of the house and open the door… If we find a way out, we might learn more about this house’s mystery.

A candle is on the cabinet to the right of the door. Tap it to see it better, and tap it again to take it. Your list will now include “candles.” Now, tap the middle drawer to get it to open. Inside, you can see a picture. Tap it to see it better. We came home to find a stranger standing outside the house for three hours. Let’s look at the photos below and see if we can find anything else.

Tap the umbrella to see it better. Tap it again to pick it up, and you’ll have an “umbrella” in your inventory. Now, tap the right side of the sleeve to move it out of the way. A torn note can be seen in the pocket under the sleeve. To make a note, tap it.

We should look at the rest of the note. We took the ticket out of our pockets, and as soon as we did, a ghost in the left jacket came and took us away. Now, let’s look in the cell on the right to see what we can find. To go there, tap the right arrow. When we went in, a cup was moving on its own. Tap it to pick it up, and you’ll have a “cup” in your inventory.

We can tap on the top-right cabinet door to see a picture of what’s inside. Tap the picture to see it better. It looks like the stranger is spying on the house again by pretending to read the newspaper. Let’s look at the photos below and see if we can find anything else.

To go to the next room, tap the right arrow. As soon as we walked in, we saw that one of the books on the shelf was moving. Tap the blue book on the left to look at it more closely, then tap it again to take it.

Tap the book we just got to see better, and then click the right arrow to open it. Tap the picture to see it better. We can see that the stranger is back and watching someone in the house.

Well, this book has a lot of useful notes that will help us figure out how to do these things around the house. But first, double-tap the right arrow to get to the last page. We have found half of the ripped note. So choose “piece of paper” from the inventory and tap right to add it again.

Here, there are ten signs, but only ten are shown. Each marked symbol also has a Roman number next to it, which tells us where it goes in the puzzle below. Let’s write down or remember the order of the symbols.

First, there’s “Star.”

We also have “lungs.”

The “triangulated circle” is the third type.

Fourth, some of the lines sound like the word “air.”

We can also see that the left cabinet door should be opened with these symbols.

Note: In your game, the order of the symbols might be different, but you can still figure out the right order by looking at the Roman numerals next to them.

The grey book:

Use the screen’s left and right arrow keys to look around the locked house rooms. Go into the room with the vampire picture. Tap the plant in the lower right corner of the screen. Get the stone from the plant in the pot.

Walk into the room where the couch is. Hit the brown couch and then the switch panel that is broken. Take the key from the square holder hidden behind the broken switch panel. Go to where the TV is. Right of the TV is a cabinet. To open the cabinet above the cabinet, use a square crank wrench. Open the cabinet and take out the insulation tape for the wires.

Go back to the room with the table in the middle and the brown couch on the left. On the table were a bottle and a cheesecake. Break the empty bottle with the rock. Take the broken key from the broken bottle with a round handle. Tap the broken bottle to pick it up.

Now, go into the room through the X-shaped door. Knock on the right-hand dresser. To open the top drawer, pull the round handle. Take the gloves that protect against electricity out of the drawer. The next step is to use gloves and electrical tape. Both will be used in their ways.

Go into the room with the vampire picture. Hit the left bookshelf and take the grey book that is the smallest and is right there on the bookshelf. Look at all of the Gray Book’s pages. The hints for the puzzles in Another Girl in the Wall Apk are on these pages.

We solve the pot plant puzzle first:

Click on Love Places and Adventure Games to see our walkthrough and guide for the Ghost Case game.

You may have noticed that in one corner of each room, there are potted plants of different sizes. This plant is part of a puzzle that lets you open a small chest with a picture of a vampire in the room where it is. On a table to the left of the blocked door is a chest.

Note the size of the plants in each pot and the pattern painted on the pots in each room. One plane is made up of waves, and the other is made up of diagonal lines. Also, keep track of how many leaves each tree has.

Open the grey book and turn to the page with the correct order of the pot plants. Enter the number combination in the box.

The combination to open the chest is shown in the screenshot below. Note the correct order of the bins so you can enter the numbers, and then count how many sheets are in each bin. You need to put in the same number of sheets as there are in the box.


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