It’s hard to keep up with the Olympics any year, let alone when they’re happening in a time zone 13 minutes ahead (if you’re on the U.S. East Coast). Fans Paul News on Monday announced a partnership with NBC Universal (U.S. Broadcasting Rights for the Olympics) to develop special daily reps and audio dio briefings, event schedules and medal counts to help fans keep track of the games.

NBC Sports is the go-to app for streaming any Olympic event, but it’s a bit misleading. To their credit, it’s hard to stream multiple feeds at once, but the app can be difficult to navigate. Although the app has an impressive list of each event, there’s no easy way to capture all the wins and defeats that took place when Half the World Was Down, so this collaboration with Apple Paul News fills the void needed in NBC’s existing ing furings.

Image Credits: Apple Pal News (screenshot by TechCrunch)

One of the most useful features is the user-friendly schedule of the news app of each Olympic Olympic event through the game, which can set a calendar reminder for events you can’t miss. (Although you may need to set an alarm for some events, such as the Women’s Gymnastics Final, which starts at 5:50 a.m. Thursday. . NBC Sports sends push notification reminders for the games you choose, but a pre-set calendar lender event can be more useful for planning your evening (or early morning) watching of the Olympics.

Of course, this partnership allows Apple Pal to promote Apple Pal podcasts, in which Spotify is constantly growing and there is more competition than Facebook supports for podcasts. NBC is pushing its Olympic podcasts as hard as “The Podium” and “On Her Turf” – “The Podium” often appears as a banner ad during live coverage on the web. Although the show is not exclusive to Apple Pal, a partnership with NBC can only help drive traffic to their podcast platform.