Arida Backlands Awakening Apk Download [Latest Version]

Apk NameArida Backlands Awakening Apk Download
DeveloperAoca Game Lab
Requires Android5.5 and up

What is Arida Backlands Awakening Apk Download

Backland’s Awakening is an action-adventure survival game, says Arida. Players take on the role of a young girl who is exploring the desolate interior of Brazil, fulfilling various duties for the people, discovering small surprises hidden in chests, and gathering and boiling the only available food and water in order to survive.

Vibrant cutscenes: The lively visuals, which have a strong creative sensibility, the poetic English subtitles, and the incredibly sweet female voice dubbing brilliantly portray Brazil’s charm to the players and immediately draw them into the game. Enter Brazil’s enigmatic and uncharted interior. Players will be able to learn more about Brazil, comprehend its history, and explore the country’s interior in the 19th century as the game’s plot advances because the cutscenes will be played in time with the plot.

Backstory: Drought decimated Brazil’s interior in the 19th century, causing many plantations to be ruined and forcing the majority of the population to split apart and look for new homes. She is an inquisitive young child who learns from her grandfather and the other villagers how to survive and how to be resilient in the face of drought in order to fulfil her ultimate goal of exploring the wilderness and finding her parents. When everything was prepared, the little girl had an unexpected event.

A vibrant journey: Players can explore a variety of locations in the game, from a young girl’s house to an abandoned farm, a deserted village, the valley of death, and eventually a remote location. To uncover more outback legends, “dig” a little further into each location’s hidden treasures. Additionally, you can research and learn more about various items by clicking on them in the meantime.

You will encounter various senior villagers during your journey. Help them with a variety of tasks so they can get food and drink to survive, such as finding missing goats, gathering tea, locating water sources, etc.

Real and hard survival mechanisms: adventure and survival are the same because the interior of Brazil is being baked by the scorching sun, quickly depleting the little girl’s hydration and satiety levels. In order to gather necessities, players will need to utilise a hoe and a knife. The knife can “cut through thorns” like a trail, or cut down a part of edible/drinkable cactus, or unlock a wooden treasure chest; the hoe can dig water and hoe some plants from the field. However, the tool’s status bar will turn dark if it is utilised for an extended period of time in the game. At this point, before using the tool again, the player must locate a whetstone by the side of the road.

It is not sufficient to support life to merely “drink the water of the cactus and eat the meat of the cactus,” nevertheless. Thankfully, the game has a cooking system. All that is required of players is constructing a bonfire and gathering all the components. Take baked eggs, roasted pumpkin, tortillas, etc. as examples. Every time you return, the ingredients will be new, so you won’t have to be concerned about running out of food.

Additionally, the game’s heroes are wonderfully portrayed. The player can see the screen get hazy and the young girl teetering, as if she is ready to fall, whenever the young girl’s hydration or satiety value surpasses the warning line. Additionally, the “whoops” sound made by the young child after being poked by a cactus or stepping on poop is accurately captured.

Bright points include the realistic and harrowing survival adventures, dramatic sequences, and anguished backstories.

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