Apk NameBazooka Boy Mod APK
Size124 MB
DeveloperSupersonic Studios LTD
Requires Android5.5 and up

What is Bazooka Boy Mod APK

An example of a trajectory shooting game is Bazooka Boy. Eliminating every enemy in the level is the game’s objective. In order to shoot the doll on the map, you must control your character, perform aim, and select the proper shooting angle. You win until they are annihilated entirely.

However, there isn’t much ammunition in your gun. Usually, the system only provides you with three, and this is the range in which you play. You’ll have to try that quest again if you fail.

About Bazooka Boy Mod APK

On a map, there will typically be 2 or 3 enemies. On the map, they are positioned at set locations. Consider strategies to overcome them and get back home safely. I say that because if your character is also impacted, he will suffer an injury and the objective will not be successful. This is the part of Bazooka Boy that I find the most interesting.

The game is also getting harder, which is another problem. Even the enemies are far away and not grouped together as the environment grows more hazardous. You’ll need to devise a strategy for eliminating them more swiftly. It is not sufficient to aim and select the proper angle. For additional information, please read the article’s following section!

Collect the best weapons to defeat the enemy. 

Numerous weapons are available to you through Bazooka Boy. The game’s default bazooka can be used to launch mortar attacks on enemies. In addition, there is other weaponry available, including shotguns and bomb guns.

Every firearm has a unique attribute. When a bullet from a bazooka or mortar cannon strikes a target, it immediately explodes. With the bomb gun, however, the bomb will detonate upon coming into contact with the target a second time. As a result, using it is quite challenging. But the ability to attack is very powerful in return and can move the opponent a long way.

Other firearms have a three-bullet capacity. This gun’s coverage area is larger and can essentially cover the entire landscape. Although acquiring them costs tens of thousands of dollars, controlling them is not simple.

Acquire special skins for your character. 

It’s quite boring to play as the game’s default character. He is just a faceless, monochromatic model. To give him a more distinctive look, you can outfit him with some special skins.

You can look at various examples in the store, including a helmet, a wool cap, eyeglasses, a shirt, bulletproof armour, or a T-shirt with an icon of a smiley face.

The Skins by Bazooka Boy were very intricately crafted. There are reportedly more than 30 different types of skin. They are broken down into three groups: common, rare, and legendary. The majority of things will be automatically unlocked when the character levels up, speeding up the unlocking of things. Only weapons can be purchased with money.

Hundreds of levels, hundreds of challenges. 
The creator claims that Bazooka Boy now has hundreds of levels that can be played. They will add more content in upcoming releases as this number continues to rise.

There are many maps in Bazooka Boy as well. To advance to a new map, you often need to pass 10 to 15 levels. In this conflict, there are enormous steppes, thriving cities, and enigmatic forests. The level of difficulty will always rise. You’ll need to adjust and decide where to position yourself to blast the opposition.

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