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What is Bettomax Liberia App

In a statement released over the weekend, the company said that it released the mobile app to help reduce crowding at its facilities (3rd Street and Center Street) after COVID-19 as part of a global effort to follow health guidelines.

So, all new players should sign up on the BETTOMAX mobile website. They can do this by going to, downloading the page, or calling 0778333733 or 0888333733 for help.

Customers can now do all their business with the BETTOMAX app, including adding money to and taking money out of their accounts with vouchers and Mobile Money.

During a short ceremony in Sinkor, the company’s commercial manager, Fallah Braima, made it clear that it is committed to serving all its customers with patience and care.

BETTOMAX Liberia has been in business in Liberia for just over a year. COVID-19 has affected the country, but the gaming company still employs more than 60 Liberians and plans to build more sites around the country in 2021.

How to withdraw (MTN Mobile Money)

  1. Go to Account
  2. Click money withdraw
  3. Select Payment (Momopay)
  4. Enter Withdrawal amount
  5. Enter your Bettomax Account Password
  6. Click Payout with Momopay to confirm Withdrawal

Congratulation your Momopay wallet has been credited

How to deposit (MTN Mobile Money)

  1. Go to Account
  2. Click money deposit
  3. Select Payment (Momopay)
  4. Enter deposit amount
  5. Click Pay with Momopay & You will see credit deposit requested,
    wait few minutes for pop up to Enter Mobile Money password to confirm deposit
  6. (If there’s no pop up on your device, after 1 minute,
  • Dial *156# and select 8 to manage account
  • Thereafter select 2 for approval
  • Enter Mobile Money password to confirm approval


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