What is Byfen Apk

Crosswalk Project Runtime is a one-of-a-kind software that accomplishes nothing in and of itself. In order for certain video games to work properly on your PC, you’ll need to have it installed. As a result, this library will not require many additional permissions, instead relying on the permissions that your game requires.

This is not a programme, and if installed on its own, it will do nothing. There will be no icon on your home screen. Only specific programmes that use the Crosswalk runtime require it. Do not install this if you were not directed here by another application.

The Crosswalk Project delivers hybrid and web apps with fundamental web platform capability like as HTML5, partial JavaScript 6 support, CSS3, and much more.

Crosswalk may be used as a runtime for web applications and as an alternative WebView for hybrid apps, allowing developers to exploit the newest web advancements regardless of the platform’s official web support. Many new applications that require modern functionality will now be able to reach a wider audience as a result of this.

Features of Byfen Apk

Create modern web applications that are fast and have a lot of features.
Use all of the web-facing features that modern browsers have to offer, such as HTML5, partial JavaScript 6 compatibility, CSS3, and more.
SIMD.js and the Presentation API are two of the most recent suggested and upcoming web standards.
To take advantage of platform features not accessible by Crosswalk or the web platform, add custom extensions to an application.

Apk NameByfen Apk
Size24 MB
Developer Byfen Inc
Requires Android5.5 and up
Byfen Apk

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