Special Crunch Live has taught us a lot. Retail zipline series Peach Deck ticked every box for Emergency Capital to see how Koda completed the growth fly wheel, leading to Madrona’s S.C. Why Somaseger and his investors are obsessed with toast.

And that’s just the tip of Extra Crunch Live Iceberg.

But there is also plenty of where it came from.

Without further ado, here’s a look at what you can expect in August Gust:

Start Alley Edition:
Edith Young (Race Capital) + Leila Sturdy (Capital)

4 Gust 4 – 12pm PT / 3pm ET

Registration for Ethnic Capital and Capital

Check out startup alley companies that will be showcasing TechCrunch in December 2021 in an episode dedicated to the art of pitch. Expert VCOs will give their live feedback to the quick elevator pitch. Hear about the latest new startups and learn a thing or two about how to nurture your own pitch.

Image Credits: Race Capital / Capital G.

Jori Bell (Playground Global) + Jane Navanqu (1910 Heredity)

August Gust 11am – 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET

Register for Playground Global and 1910 Genetics

Since last year, VC money has flowed into biotech companies, and 1910 genetic matters are no different. Hear from Jane Navanko, founder and CEO of Playground Global, and investor Jori Bell about how to raise funds in the bio / health tech sector and use them to your advantage.

Image Credits: Playground Global / 1910 Heredity

Stephanie Zane (Sequoia Capital) + Nick Fedget (Rack Room)

On August Gust from 6pm to 12pm P.T.

Registration for Sequoia Capital and REC Room

If Sequoia is not one of the biggest names in VC. On this episode of ECL, hear from Sequoia partner Stephanie Zane and Rick Room CEO Nick Fudge how the two came together for the seed round of startups, why Zane led the series and how he is collecting nearly 150 million. Funding.

Image Credits: Rack Room / Sequoia Capital

Eileen Lee (Cowboy Ventures) + Rachel Carlson (Guild Education)

25 Aug Gust – 12 noon PT / 3 pm ET

Register for Naval Adventures and Good Education

Eileen Lee is the most sought after and well-respected VC in the country. Hear from Cowboy Ventures founder and GP how it met the criteria for its investment and Rachel Carlson of Guild Education, and even exceeded those criteria. The founder / investor couple will also give their live feedback on the startup pitch from the audience.

Image Credits: Cowboy Adventures / Guild Education

As a reminder, Extra Crunch Live is all about helping founders build a better adventure-backed business. We talk to those founders and investors who give them money through that (duh!). Extra Crunch Live also has ECL pitch-features f, where in the audience the installer can teach our expert guests on our virtual stage how to pitch their goods and crush their pitch.

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