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What is China Identity Generator Apk

Every Chinese citizen over the age of 16 must have an ID card. The ID card has a unique 18-digit number that can be used to identify the person.

It also has their name, birth date, and where they live. The number is written as RRRRRRYYYYMMDDSSSC, where RRRRRR is the administrative division where the person was born, YYYYMMDD is their date of birth, SSS is a sequential code for people with the same date and place of birth, and C is a checksum value.

The ID card can be used for many things, like registering for a new home, joining the military, registering for a marriage or divorce, traveling abroad, or taking an exam. Before, the ID card had 15 numbers, but now it has 18 numbers and is a permanent way for each citizen to be identified.

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