A year later, the clubhouse is finally out of beta. The company announced Wednesday that it would end its waiting list and invite everyone to open the system. Now, anyone can follow the clubhouse links, go to the producer’s community, or join any public event.

Clubhouse is also introducing an actual logo that will look familiar – it’s basically a slightly modified version of the waving emoji the company is already using. Clubhouse will still capture its app portraits, introducing a new feature icon to bring changes to the Atlanta music scene.

Paul L. Davison and Rohan Sethe, founders of the clubhouse, wrote in a blog ad: “The invitation system has been an important part of our early history. They note that adding users to the glove and integrating new users into the app community through town halls and orientation sessions helped grow the clubhouse at a healthy rate without breaking “but we always want the clubhouse to be open.”

Clubhouse’s path to a hot new social app has also been wild, with the next invitation-only platform taking off during the epidemic and inspiring a wave of voice-based social networking that is probably still not close to Cresting. Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Discord, and others eventually claimed to separate chat rooms and voice events on their existing platforms.

The rise of the clubhouse is that the clubhouse reached a feverish level earlier this year, and the increase in the app is unlikely due to the social isolation imposed by the epidemic, which has been hoping for people around the world to feel connected for months.

The world is slowly, unevenly opening up and with it the clubhouse is slowly changing. After a long iOS-only drag, the company released an Android app in May, now, Clubhouse says they have reached 10 million Clubhouse downloads in the first two months of the Android app. And earlier this month, Clubhouse introduced a text-based chat feature called Backchannel that expanded the focus of the stand-alone voice-focused app for the first time.

The success of the clubhouse is a double-edged sword. The meteoric rise of the application surprised the team, as meteorological growth occurs frequently. The social application is still a wild success in landscapes dominated by a handful, the largest ent platforms by common metrics, but the momentum is difficult to maintain – or at least the vision of momentum. Everyone should definitely help by opening the app.