What is College App Letters Crossword

RECSCollege app letters
G P ANo. on a college app
REC___ letter (college app part)
ESSAYCollege app attachment
DROPPED THE ACT*Removed a score from one’s college app?
GEDSCertifications on some college apps
G P A SStats on college apps
YIK YAKPopular app for posting anonymously at college
S S NBlank on a job app.
MEMO PADNote-taking app on many handhelds
PHONEApp-using device
I PADKind of app
I PHONE“There’s an app for that” device
PICASAGoogle image-organizing app
WIFI FINDERUseful app for a smartphone
A M F M RADIOBose iPhone app
EMBER“Campfire for your iPhone” app
G P SPopular smartphone app
TIP CALCULATORDiner’s cell app
I BOOKSApple app for readers

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