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What is Color Changer Pro Apk Download

The app was created with mobile devices in mind. Those who suffer from severe eye strain when reading or watching content on their Android device’s screen. You may get the pro apk here if you’re an Android user having the same issue.

People utilised a variety of screens to complete various tasks in the past. Despite technological developments, individuals still prefer to read newspapers and stories on their phones. Because mobile phones are small and portable, they are easy to transport.

According to experts, this eye strain problem arose as a result of evolution and unrestricted usage. Twitching eyes are a common complaint among mobile users. Experts, on the other hand, are working hard to improve screen quality and size.

This new Apk File, on the other hand, was designed after an expert panel examined the users’ convenience. An innovative dashboard is included for adjusting the Color Changer Pro. However, it also allows users to recode the screen display to fit circular and light circumstances.

Your eyes are irritated by the screen’s single brightness. The screen’s colour cannot be adjusted to make it more comfortable to use. As a result, you’re putting a lot of strain on your eyes. Color Changer Pro is highly recommended.

What is Color Changer Pro Apk and how does it work?

It is an advanced tool that is specifically created for Android users. If you can’t adjust the brightness of your screen, change the mode and use Color Changer Pro. The user will be able to customise the colours after installing this apk.

This software has a few unique features, such as an advanced dashboard with colour tweaking options. When users download the free version from the Play Store, they will have access to premium features for four days. When you hit your time restriction, you’ll be given the option to upgrade to the premium version.

This is a prohibitively expensive licence that the average user cannot buy. We supplied a modded version of the Apk in response to user requests and requirements. It is available for download utilising a one-click download button.

There are a few things that customers should be aware of in addition to all of these paid services. To take benefit of these features, users must first root their phones. True, users must root their devices in order to utilise the programme properly.

Because the app has been specifically constructed, it will be able to run on rooted smartphones. In fact, even if the programme is installed on a non-rooted device, the user is prompted to root the device. The app will not work until the user roots the device. Download it from the link below if you want access to pro features.

Color Changer Pro is an app that allows you to change the colour of your clothes.

Color Changer Pro is a programme that duplicates the colours of all of your device’s apps. Even if you are using it for the first time, it is quite simple to use. You are allowed to put it up whatever you want. It’s time to say good-bye to your phone’s obnoxious glitter!

Change the colour of the app

The majority of phones now have brightly coloured colour screens. That does not satisfy everyone. This app allows you to isolate the screen so that you can receive more accurate colours from your phone’s display. There are a variety of colours to pick from, including:

Suitable as a night vision protection for astronomy or e-reading in red, amber, or green. It aids in lowering the screen’s brightness in accordance with your eyes. If you appear to be too tall, avoid eye strain and injury.

Sepia: This colour scheme is ideal for exploring the web.

If you’re using your phone outside during the day, the brightness of the screen will make it difficult to see clearly. As a result, your screen is distinct due to the two opposing hues.

There are no overlays.

It is not possible to use a colour overlay with the Color Changer Pro application. In the application, all system effects and colours are faithfully reproduced. It may, however, be incompatible with screen capture and screen capture software.


Color Changer Pro has the most intuitive, simple, and nicest user interface. All you have to do now is click and alter the detailed colour pallet. You may also create quick shortcuts to go to the setup mode at any moment. Setup is simple. You can access settings that are visible in the app’s settings.


While the app is quite useful, it does have some drawbacks. To begin, you must first root your phone. This is a difficult step that many people do not want to take. Furthermore, this programme is not compatible with all devices. It also slows down your smartphone in terms of performance (much like Android’s reverse colour mode does).

Apk NameColor Changer Pro Apk Download
Size1 MB
DeveloperOmega Centauri Software
Requires Android5.5 and up

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