Cozovmoni Chat Status Apk [Latest Version]

App NameCozovmoni Chat Status Apk
Size1 MB
DeveloperJosé Luis Galán

What is Cozovmoni Chat Status Apk

  • Free
  • Without Ads
  • Does not require any permission
  • Does not connect to the Internet
  • Does not access to device data

Just send a single or group chat from WhatsApp to the “Chat Stats” app to get the numbers.

After analyzing the exported chat, this app uses bar graphs to show the statistical data.

Some examples of the analyzed data from each chat are:

  • Messages per user
  • Words per user
  • Letters per user
  • Average of letters per message
  • Media files per user
  • Emojis per user
  • Links per user
  • Messages per day of the week
  • Messages per hour of day
  • Days with more messages
  • Messages in the last days
  • First message of each user
  • Last message of each user
  • Most used words
  • Most used emojis
  • Top emojis per user
  • Most linked websites
  • Top websites per user

All this information, including data and pictures, is shown on one page, making it easy to save, send, or share with other users.

To work, “Chat Stats” doesn’t need any special permissions. The analysis is done in a vacuum, without Internet or device data access.

Steps to get statistics of any WhatsApp chat with ‘Chat Stats’:

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Open individual or group chat
  • Tap Chat Options, the three dots that appear up right
  • Tap Export chat option
  • Choose Export WITHOUT media files
  • Select ‘Chat Stats’ to export chat

Another option is to analyze a chat that has already been exported to an a.txt file. To do this, select the file in the file manager and then open it with “Chat Stats.”

If you choose the option “Analyze by date,” you can look at the whole chat or just the time between two dates.

The “View full chat” button lets you quickly see the whole conversation and search through it.

With the Search messages option, you can quickly look for messages containing text from a certain date or a certain user.

WhatsApp has two other useful features besides making stats, showing them, and making it easy to find chats quickly:

Start talking with a phone number. This option lets you start a new WhatsApp chat from the recipient’s phone number without adding it to your contacts list first.

Notes can be found in personal chat. With this option, you can start a new WhatsApp chat with your phone number and talk to yourself. A chat is made with just one person, without anyone else so that it can be used as a journal or to store photos, videos, audio, documents, and locations.

After the first message has been sent, these chats can be used from WhatsApp without having to go to “Chat Stats.”

“Chat Stats” was made so that people could learn how to make apps for Android and satisfy their interest in statistics and fun programming, as well as how they spent their free time during the pandemic and quarantine.


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