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Apk NameCroxy Proxy App Download
Size27.8 MB
DeveloperCell47 Products
Requires Android5.5 and up

What is Croxy Proxy App Download

The most cutting-edge free and safe web proxy service is CroxyProxy. It works with all websites, including those that host videos, search engines, social networks, email services, and a lot more. You can use an encrypted connection to go to your favourite websites, like Facebook, Google, Gmail, Twitter, and Youtube.

Your privacy is protected by CroxyProxy, a dependable and cost-free online proxy service. Numerous video sites are supported, and complete video streaming functionality allows for anonymous browsing of these sites. Our web proxy is the ideal VPN substitute. Since it functions as a proxy browser, there is no cost to using it, and there is no need to download or configure anything. 
Compared to other proxies and VPN services, the following are its primary benefits:

Most modern websites and web apps are easy to use because they use special technology.

It works flawlessly as a proxy for YouTube and other video websites.

Your web proxy traffic is undetectable as ordinary HTTPS traffic.

There is no need to transfer all of your traffic through the proxy in order to open a single web page.

It acts as a proxy browser with no settings needed.

Free web proxy features.

  • This conceals your actual IP address and permits anonymous surfing.
  • It creates SSL encryption for all websites.
  • To share opened pages with others, use the permalink feature.
  • It can be used with any operating system, such as Chrome OS and Android.
  • Full support for audio and video playback in HTML5.

How does the free proxy function?

Your traffic passes through the free proxy, which is similar to a virtual pipe, to reach the target server (website). The destination server therefore doesn’t see your actual IP address. Your Internet service provider simultaneously detects the connection to the free proxy service rather than the final destination website. All traffic to and from the free proxy is encrypted for increased security, making it impossible for your ISP to decrypt and track it. This web proxy protects your anonymity and privacy while concealing your true IP address. You can be sure that your online traffic to CroxyProxy will always be safe, even if the website you’re going to doesn’t support secure connections.

Youtube proxy support

This web proxy fully supports YouTube. It enables you to write your own comments, check comments, approve and proxy YouTube videos, among other things. The look and feel of YouTube is unaltered, and no additional software needs to be installed. No matter where you are or what gadget you use, there are countless films and audio clips available to you. You only need a web browser, that’s all. Right now, test out our YouTube proxy for free!

The best free proxy.

Before deciding to provide this service, we compiled a sizable proxy list. We evaluated a number of proxy sites, including proxysite, proxyfree, hiload, tubeunblock, hide me proxy, and others, and found that the majority of them are now difficult to use. They are slow and break the majority of web apps because they don’t natively support streaming music and video. We aimed to create a better web proxy that functions effectively with all resources. Because of this, CroxyProxy is the top free proxy available online and on any list of free proxy servers.

Just type in your search term or the URL of the website you want to visit, click the Go button, and then enjoy your privacy and freedom online! 

What’s New:

  • Recently updated
  • Added additional knowledge
  • Virus and malware-free
  • Available latest & old Versions

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