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Apk NameCrumb Apk Download
Size21.5 MB
DeveloperCrumb Corp.
Requires Android5.5 and up

What is Crumb Apk Download

An intuitive and engaging introduction to electronic circuits is provided through Crumb Apk. You can test out circuits at work in full 3D without worrying that a final part will break or having to order each part separately.

You may immediately begin creating prototype circuits because it comes with a variety of components. With the catalogue at hand, it is possible to research how transistors and audio filters function, from EEPROM programming to simple programme execution.

Beginners can learn the basics of interaction and understand them, and experts can study and finish prototypes before making real models.

With the oscilloscope and analysis screen built into the wiring, it is easy to see how the different parts work together.

About Crumb Apk:

Social networks like Crumb Apk are well-liked because they emphasise images, which are what today’s youth and adults like to see. This app also adds a crucial feature, allowing us to share the location of images we capture and view other users’ photos and locations through maps that are strikingly similar to Google’s.

This is perfect, for instance, when a picture of a canteen is displayed alongside stunning scenery, structures, or landmarks. As a result, this programme provides something novel that many young people want to experience firsthand. Always keep in mind that you have the opportunity to quickly and easily download and install the Crumb on your smartphone.

It is a brand-new kind of social network with numerous uses. For instance, if we travel overseas, this programme can direct us to the best restaurants, secret locations for picturesque images, or the best places to eat.

Text fades in other social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, but communication is typically done through photographs of your fan base and your number of followers. Even though the pictures keep coming in and are saved on a map where you can see where other people have taken pictures to find similar spots, the way it works is probably more like Snapchat.

Similar to Instagram or Tumblr, the Crumb Apk App is a social media platform where you can share images, memories you want other users to see, and recommendations for things like restaurants or locations that are significant to you. You can create a profile, follow folks who submit interesting material nearby, and follow other users who do the same.

The Apk’s Crumb Features

A picture of a place

The most significant and well-liked feature of this app is its ability to pinpoint the location where a photo was taken, allowing users to follow influencers or those who frequently travel and want to share their favourite moments. If you enjoy exotic locations or unique cuisine, You might not be aware of some locations nearby, and you might know a lot more about your city than you believe.

Pieces for free.

Crumb is a wonderful fit for the most widely used social networks because it places more emphasis on time and place than it does on people. It is also perfect for artists who share their greatest images in this manner. For those who wish to visit these locations, cooperate with Inspiration.

Keeping a low profile

As we’ve already mentioned, it’s less private than other networks like Instagram because it depends entirely on what you upload and share with the community. We can therefore see that the profile is quite basic and that all we need to do is alter our profile image, give it a name, and briefly discuss our biographies.

Find more content.

When you select the Discover option, a map will open with many arrows from other content creators who have added stuff to it. If you want to see pictures of unique locations nearby or elsewhere in the world, you may do so there. Are you networking for a cause you want to promote among the locals?

If we want a photo opportunity or want to surprise our partner with a well-known or stunning photo location, it is a healthy and good approach to learn about what is nearby.

Additional Features

  • 18 skins with special characteristics!
  • It is free to use.
  • Continuous play
  • Play is only offline.
  • scores from competitors across the world.
  • New skins and fully animated characters in 2D
  • Crazy and simple controls, one-handed play (if you can).
  • Real, difficult tasks for one player
  • multiple players!
  • A thrilling space shooter
  • optimised live art graphics for retina screens.
  • levels that are challenging but simple to learn and master.
  • Obtain eight distinct weapons! 

What’s New:

  • Recently updated
  • Added additional knowledge
  • Virus and malware-free
  • Available latest & old Versions

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