What is Dead by Daylight Mobile Netease Apk

Dead by Daylight is a horror and action multiplayer (4vs1) game in which a vicious killer chases down four survivors who are striving to avoid a terrible end. It’s time to enter The Fog and begin this deadly cat-and-mouse game.


SURVIVE BY ALL MEANS – The goal of the survivors is to repair generators while avoiding capture and escaping the never-ending hunt. You may either work together to win as a team or battle alone to outlast your opponents. Will you be able to outsmart the killers and escape their lair of death?

A FEAST FOR KILLERS – As a killer, you can play as any of our iconic characters, including The Trapper, The Spirit, The Legion, and The Huntress. Our ever-growing portfolio of classic characters will satisfy your insatiable bloodlust. To seek, catch, and sacrifice survivors, master each killer’s special ability.

REAL PEOPLE, REAL FEAR – Each game is a new scenario, with varied realms and difficulties. You never know how radically actual people will respond to sheer terror. The atmosphere, soundtrack, and eerie settings all contribute to a scary encounter.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR STRATEGY – All of the Killers and Survivors have unique benefits and unlockables that may be tailored to your specific strategy. To pursue survivors or avoid the killer, you’ll need a lot of experience, talent, and knowledge of the surroundings.

Apk NameDead by Daylight Mobile Netease Apk
Size1 GB
DeveloperNetease Games Global
Requires Android5.5 and up

What’s New:

  • Recently updated
  • Added additional knowledge

● Authentic DbD gameplay on mobile, bringing immersive gaming experience
● Four iconic maps available in the Beta Test: Suffocation Pit, Wreckers’ Yard, Rancid Abattoir, and Family Residence.
● Unique cosmetics combined with local flair. These elaborately created outfits can be earned through Treasures, a new feature designed specifically for our Asian community.
● Newly added chat system to easily team up with friends to explore The Fog at any time.