Students may use flash cards and quiz applications to familiarise themselves with and remember material, as well as to test their factual knowledge. This collection of applications, games, and websites offers students a wide choice of preset material as well as rapid custom list creation, adaptive learning, game-making, progress analytics, and basic feedback for memory and quizzing. While there are many resources for spelling, vocabulary, and arithmetic, many of these materials may be used imaginatively for any subject or grade level.

Friends, leaderboards, chat, and the entire range of multiplayer settings, including extremely performant Realtime, are all available in this social and multiplayer game. Teams, tournaments, lobbies, and matching are all part of the package.

Social & Multiplayer

Currency, virtual items, trade, and achievement systems are all used in this game. Catalogue management, IAP, and fraud detection are all included.

Meta-Game & Economies

Create personalised control panels with any mix of information and controls for each member of your team.

Custom Backoffice

All features may be completely customised. In addition, you’ll have access to a fully featured PaaS layer that allows you to create bespoke API and server logic, as well as database-as-a-service and more.

Flexibility and PaaS

Cloud-based capacity that is dynamically expandable from all major providers, paired with high-quality infrastructure management. Create a solution that includes dedicated clusters, regional deployment, and a high-quality SLA.

Stress-Free Scaling

Access to player history and summaries that may be customised, as well as flexible contact with those players through numerous channels.

Player Management

Create bespoke segments and use rules to assign players to them automatically. Segment performance is tracked using sophisticated analytics, including A/B testing.

Campaigns & Marketing Automation

Using a portfolio of messaging, promotions, and campaign tools, implement tailored engagement tactics for each group.