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The EA Play media presentation comes and goes, and the publisher gave fans updates about franchises like Grid, Battlefield and Dead Space. But what about the other games we know coming from developer Bioware? And in particular, what about Dragon Age 4?

Well, developer Bioware made it clear earlier this month that it had no games on EA Play. The company said in a tweet.

“We are working hard to build the next one [Dragon Age] Others [Mass Effect] Here are some of the exciting ones from Sports and Star Wars: The Old Republic, ”the social media post reads.

But what does it really mean for Dragon Age 4? Well, not perfect. Sources familiar with the fictional role-playing adventure confirm that the game is on track for release in 2023. When I asked E.A. about the release date. A spokesman said the company has not announced a date and has no plans to share it yet. .


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Look at the demand

Holding back during this EA play is to enable the publisher to eagerly put the game in a position to start its marketing. It will probably start in 2022.

And what should we expect from the game itself? Well, don’t worry about EA trying to bring the connected, live online live-service model into the dragon age. Just like previous entries in the series, Bayware is building the next Dragon Age as a single player narrative adventure. Of course, that doesn’t mean games don’t have an online multiplayer online. It was one of the main features of the Dragon Age: investigation.

Byvay Ray first announced Dragon Edge 4 in 2018. At the time, I reported that the game was at least three years away. If it is out now by 2023, it will be five years since its release.


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