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An online learning tool that enables students to review whenever and wherever they want. Students can now access their notes, lectures, handouts, and other course materials on their smartphone, tablet, or computer—whenever and wherever they like—with an online account.

About Elms.sti.edu App

Education is a planned activity with certain goals in mind, such as knowledge transmission or the development of skills and character. These objectives might include the growth of comprehension, reason, kindness, and honesty. Numerous studies emphasise the importance of critical thinking for the purpose of separating education from indoctrination.

While some theorists insist that education must lead to a student’s improvement, others favour a definition of the term that is value-neutral. In a slightly different sense, education can also refer to the mental states and dispositions that educated people possess, rather than the practise itself. The original purpose of education was to pass on cultural heritage to future generations. Today’s educational goals include more and more new ideas, such as learner freedom, modern social skills, empathy, and advanced job skills.

Formal, non-formal, and informal education are the three main categories of education. Formal education occurs at educational and training facilities, is normally organised around curriculum goals and objectives, and is frequently facilitated by teachers.

Formal education is typically separated into educational stages like kindergarten, primary school, and secondary school and is typically required up to a particular age in most locations. Non-formal education can be used in place of or in addition to formal education. It can be arranged similarly to educational arrangements, but in a more flexible way, and typically occurs in contexts centred on the community, workplace, or civil society.

Last but not least, informal education happens in daily life and in the home. Whether an experience is intended to be educational or not, it can have a formative impact on how someone thinks, feels, or behaves. Informal learning can take place in all three settings, and there is a continuum in practise between the very formalised and the extremely informalized. For example, homeschooling can be called either nonformal or informal, depending on how it is set up. 

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