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Thirty-one percent of employees believe that AI improves their overall performance at work. As a result, more than two-thirds (68%) are asking their employer to deploy more AI-based technologies to help them perform tasks. That’s a high-level discovery in a study published today by 3GEM on behalf of Snaplogic, which found that A.I. U.S. about his views on. And the U.K. Surveyed 400 office fee employees.

“In recent years, there has been concern among office workers that AI will lose its job, but employee feedback seems to have changed. Snaplogic CTO Craig Stewart said in a statement that the more they came in contact with AI and saw it in action, the more they realized how much it could help them in their daily work.

More than half (56%) of employees who responded to the Snaplogic survey said they were using “AI” – which the survey does not define – as part of their day-to-day job responsibilities. Meanwhile, %%% believes that AI can support them in half of their activities, in particular (1) explaining data, (2) revealing trends and patterns, ()) moving data from one place to another, and ()) data Access Living in different locations throughout the business.

Increase productivity

When asked about the benefits of AI, 611% said it helps them build a more efficient and productive workforce. Nearly half (49%) felt it improved their decision-making and speeded up the time for end-sightings, while more than half (51%) said they believed AI enabled them to achieve better work / life balance.

Snaplogic’s research has shown that individual A.I. Also take a look at the growing market versus applications and used at work. According to Stuart, place 45% of AI-powered work applications with downloaded reports, compared with 45% of reports downloading individual applications, seem to be a sufficient area for the use of workplace AI.

“As AI is increasingly used to make better decisions and increase productivity, they have become more tentative about accepting AI in its entirety. The fact that they are now calling on their leaders to accelerate the adoption of AI technology in the enterprise is a real sea-change.

Certainly there is a vested interest in Snaplogic to demonstrate the demand for AI in the enterprise. Taps AI and machine learning to automate the company’s platform, application, data and cloud integration. But aside from business interests, it is a verifiable fact that AI technologies are becoming prevalent in workplaces worldwide.

While adoption rates vary between organizations, most of them – 95% in a recent S&P Global report – consider AI to be important in their digital transformation efforts. According to IDC, corporations expected to invest more than $ 20 billion in the AI ​​system in 2020, up from $ 3.5 billion in 2019. And 303. Investment is expected to reach 110 24,110 billion by now.

“C-Suite, or the top echelons of companies that are interested in this technology, are looking at how they can actually use AI for business,” explained Sanjeev Vora, a secret, during a recent panel at the VentureBits Transform conference. Was. “It’s scaled… something outside the experiment area. Businesses are using AI to measure business value and enterprise value.


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