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Truck simulation game Euro Truck Simulator 2 (sometimes called ETS2) is made by SCS Software. It was first released as open development on October 19, 2012.

It is the second video game in the Truck Simulator series and is a direct sequel to the 2008 game Euro Truck Simulator. The user may drive one of many articulated trucks throughout a map of Europe, picking up and delivering stuff from different sites. It will get better as the game goes on, so the player will be able to buy more cars, depots, and hire other drivers to work for them.


Players may place their HQ in any of the cities on the game map. At first, the player may only do quick tasks, which include delivering deliveries as a hired driver while employed by a delivery firm, with a given vehicle and all expenditures (fuel, road tolls, ferry crossings) paid. As the player earns money or takes out bank loans, they may finally afford to purchase a truck, set up a home garage, and start earning more money by transporting freight instead of being a driver for hire.

Money generated in the game may be used to upgrade or purchase new vehicles, hire NPC delivery drivers, purchase other garages, and extend the main garage to accommodate more trucks and drivers. The player’s hired drivers get better with experience, and the player can build a large fleet of trucks and drivers to spread the company across Europe.

More about Euro Truck Simulator 2

After each delivery, the player earns experience points. A skill point is rewarded after each level. Deliveries that need various ADR classifications, longer distance deliveries, specific cargo loads, delicate cargo loads, urgent deliveries, and eco-driving may all be unlocked with skill points. As the player progresses, he or she will be able to take on higher-paying occupations.

There are 71 towns across twelve nations, over twenty distinct kinds of cargo, and over fifteen fictitious European corporations in the main game. There are four map DLCs that add new nations and places to the game, as well as various truck and trailer DLCs.

A “radio” function in the game enables players to listen to MP3 and OGG files. It also gives the gamer the option of listening to Internet radio.

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