The traditional wisdom is that one should be allowed to sleep. But no one is saying that you are forbidden to track them when they do. Fee, a New York-based smart caller maker, announced today that it is adding sleep to its device tracking list.

An added feature to monitor your best friend’s sleep during the day and night is using the caller’s on-board motion sensor (and almost certainly envy you for getting so many shut-eyes).

The information is presented on a timeline that should appear familiar to anyone who has used a human equivalent. It also offers live check-in to see what the dog does during the day while you’re at work (assuming you ever go back to the fee).

Image Credits: Fi

The goal here is to present some Shable Rebel metrics about your pet that could lead to attention to underlying health problems, be it too much sleep, not having enough or frequent trips to the water bowl late at night. Sudden changes also present a potential red flag for dog health.

“We are excited to move into holistic health tracking that enables dog parents to take the best care of their pets,” founder and CEO Jonathan Bensamau said in a release. “If your dog is tired, he can’t tell you, so Fi will come. Phi can answer serious questions like, ‘Is my pet sleeping properly?’ Or ‘Has his activity level dropped recently?’ Long ago more serious issues have time to develop. “

Fi raised million 30 million back in February and is working to expand its reach in the US, including recent distribution deals with mega-pet online pet seller Chevy.