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What is FM Instagram Apk

FM Instagram app is a mod version of the Official Instagram that is trusted and popular. The official Instagram app is great, but the FM Instagram app is even better. FM Instagram is much more fun, and it comes with extra key tools like the ability to download media files, preview images, copy the link to media files, use custom colors and themes, and a lot more. Even! 

Because the contributors added many cool new features and updates that became very popular and because they also changed some of the features already there, the FM Insta app is used daily by millions of people who trust it. You can look at the FM Instagram keyword trend and the number of monthly searches on There are more than 50,000 new people who look for it on Google.

Every day, millions of real-time users spend some time on FM Instagram. Because every part of it is good and stands out, especially the color you choose, it makes your profile look pretty and very appealing.

Features of the most recent version of FM Instagram 2022

In the latest version of FM Instagram, which came out in 2022, many great new features were added. That’s why the FM version is getting more and more popular daily. But I told the truth about each feature based on my own experience. I hope you will like it.

Download Media files

We can’t always find our favorite photos and videos on Instagram. We can’t keep our favorite media files on our devices for a long time because we can’t save them. Because of this, FM Insta has a built-in way to download multimedia. In the FM version, it’s easy to save multimedia files like short videos and pictures to our Android storage. Also, you don’t have to add any third-party apps.

Preview of the media file

The official Instagram app doesn’t let us preview images in full screen, so you can’t do that with the official app. But there is a preview option on FM Instagram, which lets you see the uploaded image in full screen and download it in the same quality as when it was uploaded.

Just click on the icon with three dots at the top of any video or picture. Then click on “FM,” and then click “Preview.” The file will then open in full-screen mode.

External player supported

Instagram doesn’t make a media player easy to find for its users, which is bad. And it doesn’t let us play the video with a player from outside the app. But FM, don’t worry. With the new version of Instagram, we can play any video we’ve uploaded with another player.

Click on the three dots at the top of the video and go to the FM option. Now, click the preview button and choose your external player. Then your external player will be able to play the mp4 file. And enjoy it.

Hide view story

It works like magic. Instagram lets us see the story viewer most of the time. But the new version of FM lets you hide your profile. It means that when you watch someone’s story on FM Insta, whether it’s a friend or someone you don’t know. Then your profile wouldn’t appear in the list of people who can see it. It is the most wonderful thing about it. We can find out how to watch every user’s status without knowing who they are.

Tap the icon that looks like a profile to get to the settings menu. Also, click “Privacy” and then choose “Hide View Stories.”


The newest feature came with the last update to FM Instagram. You can use more than one account on the same device simultaneously. Users can only sometimes use both accounts simultaneously without signing out. 

FM Instagram has a feature that lets you use two accounts simultaneously without signing out. The developer added this feature for people who want to use multiple accounts simultaneously. The official version also has a feature that lets you use more than one account. But it will sign you out of your first account while you switch to a different one.

Tap the icon that looks like a profile to go to the navigation menu. Then, enter your account settings and sign in with your second account.


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