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A simulation game called My Success Story MOD APK is available from Rodan Mobile Kft. You play a man in the game who only has a $1 in his pocket and a modest dorm room. Which way will you live?

Introduce about My Success Story

What do you believe your life is all about? Money or contentment?

A life simulation game that offers a variety of engaging experiences
Simulator games all share the goal of accurately recreating a portion of actual life. Everything in the game is, of course, relative and quite ideal. The relativity increases with the simulation scale. This is frequently seen in the My Success Story life simulation game.

With just a $1 in your pocket, you are a poor man. You must reside in a tiny, claustrophobic dorm room. You merely need a calm mind and the desire to become wealthy. You’ll start hunting for your first work, get your own place and move out on your own, switch to a new stable employment, and earn a little bit more money. Once you have the money saved up, you will continue to consider your options, including whether to use it for further study, whether to stop here and find a job with more money, and whether to even gamble with it in a casino in the hopes of striking it lucky.

As I already stated, the game is relative in every way because it contains only the most random and human aspects. For instance, employment in theory entails nothing more than working and then getting paid at the end of the month. However, in reality, people occasionally require rest, relaxation, and hundreds of other emergent requirements, not proceeding in a straight line like this, in order to offer their work their complete concentration.

The core of the game is how do you want to live your life?

How wealthy and quickly do you want to make money are the two questions you need to ask yourself. Your every choice and step up will be determined by the response. There is only gain and loss in the game; there is absolutely no right or wrong. And you are the only one who can see how to proceed. You may occasionally feel that your choice is odd or even unethical, but so what? Everything is a game.

The most crucial objective is for you to achieve real wealth and true success. You should put your attention on having a lovely home, a high-end car, dressing in designer clothing every day, running a successful business, ruling over a large number of people, and even even having enough money to purchase an island.

Then you run into “The One.” Will you choose to establish a committed connection or simply “cross the street” for amusement? Will you choose to stay with her for the rest of your life or just make a few contacts? Do you wish to continue travelling alone or as a family with kids? You get to make all the decisions.

The purpose of playing this game is to think about your future and self.
My Success Story doesn’t teach you how to act morally or live morally. However, after playing it, you will learn a lot about yourself. Then you’ll understand that having a lot of money at first will make you very pleased and excited, but once you have practically everything in your possession, you might not see the joy or the motivation to work hard. The first lesson is that you should use money as a tool and a motivating force to pursue your passion rather than the other way around.

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You’ll come to understand that all material wealth acquired by chance games or unlawful labour will vanish very soon. Easy come, easy go, as our ancestors used to say. Money and wealth can come and go with ease. It will also be squandered very rapidly if you don’t know how to value those coins because you didn’t make the effort to generate them. Or, even worse, it serves as the foundation for a number of later “fatal disorders,” such gambling and betting addiction. You are aware that gambling is the mother of poverty.

You’ll also understand that a person must ultimately pursue his or her own pleasure. No matter how much money you have or how little, you will always need a family and a home to care for and defend. There are times when I play the game with a mound of cash and gold, name-brand products, and flashy cars, but my heart is empty. I thought I would play here for this amount of money at the time, but I didn’t know what I should do. Simply put, it’s like the sensation of real material fulfilment. What else do you want to discover, then? Is it joy and a house for the family?

Experience of love and interesting relationships

Speaking of love, the game also provides me with a quite unique feeling. Additionally, dating and getting to know girls move swiftly. However, if you get caught up in it and jump from one amusement to another, you’ll discover another issue. As the years passed, I came to the realisation that I needed genuine love and a solid connection. And where can one find happiness? Having money is a good means, but it cannot make you happy.

Finally, I made the decision to put an end to everything, start a family with the person I love, and eventually have kids. Throughout a day of playing this game, this flawless finale is what causes me to smirk softly and feel at ease. The smile that fills the desire to become wealthy when you have good money on hand or when you first take ownership of the most cutting-edge car in the world is distinct from this sense of calm and comfort.

Graphics and sound

Despite simply being in 2D, the images express everything clearly and profoundly. Additionally, the shifts happen subtly rather than ostentatiously. Additionally, the soundtrack is soothing and quiet to allow players to fully concentrate on both their major and minor selections.

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