Google Makes Hand Raise In Meet More Visible

You’ve all been there: the Google Meet meeting is about to finish, and you have an important question to ask, but the meeting host isn’t paying attention. They chirp, leaving your query unanswered, “Alright people, if there’s nothing else, see you next time.”

Last year, Google improved the Meet with a Hand Raise function a little bit easier to detect, but it was so difficult to notice that it was basically worthless. Now that business has improved, you’ll have to hope that your meeting host has a large screen and excellent vision.

The symbol that appears as you digitally raise your hand now includes a little growing motion. It’s still a little bit too much, but it’s an improvement over nothing. The tiles of individuals with raised hands may also be changed to make them more apparent in the video grid, according to Google.

Perhaps most significantly, when the first hand is raised, all meeting attendees will get an audible notification, which is virtually guaranteed to become a meme after the same man or lady does it every time.

Finally, after the speaker has finished speaking, the raised hand will be automatically lowered.

The functionality will be enabled by default, according to Google, and there will be no end-user or admin settings. Except for meetings arranged by users with Google Workspace Business Starter, G Suite Basic subscribers, and users with personal Google Accounts, it will be accessible in all meetings.

Starting on June 16, 2021, for Rapid Release domains, and two weeks later for Scheduled Release domains, the new functionality will be progressively pushed out.