Gym Wp Premium Mod Apk Download [Latest Version]

Apk NameGym Wp Premium Mod Apk Download
Size38 MB
DeveloperLeal Apps
Requires Android5.5 and up

What is Gym Wp Premium Mod Apk Download

People go to the gym because they’re health-conscious. This is why there are more gyms and more individuals joining them. These memberships aren’t inexpensive, especially if you employ a personal trainer. Gym WP may be your virtual trainer. This app has workouts, stretches, and facts.

Consider this app your personal trainer for becoming fit. Here, you can create schedule-based routines. You can enjoy 500 routines. You can add your own exercises, routines, and schedules here. Check your muscle tiredness, BMI, and more to get fit now.

About Gym Wp Premium Mod Apk

Gym WP is an app that offers customised fitness regimens. This software can help you attain your gym objectives through customised training regimens.

Choose your aim at Open Gym WP: lose weight, tone, train legs, back, abs, etc. Gym WP customises exercises and activities to your goals. This software also offers a calendar for daily workouts. So you don’t forget anything, you can complete your workout every day.

Gym WP gives complete workouts with information on exercises, workout days, and body parts trained. Each exercise has a GIF showing how to do it correctly to avoid injury. To add a workout to your calendar, tap it and then the bottom button.

Gym WP contains more than 500 exercises so you can workout how and where you want. This app will help you attain your goals in a convenient, organised method.

Virtual Trainer

Today’s gym-goers aspire to be fit and healthy. We can’t undervalue getting active today, especially with so many illnesses lurking. Because of this, many people join gyms and do strange things. This isn’t how you get fit. You’ll need a trainer to guide you.

Personal trainers are expensive on top of gym costs. With Gym WP, you can obtain a virtual personal trainer. This software is a personalised trainer with workouts based on your physique. You’ll learn how to do exercises properly, create a training regimen, and more. Over 500 exercises with visualisations and directions.

You may create your ideal fitness method and plan. Other data and tools are available here.

Gym WP Premium Features

Virtual Trainer: Everyone wants to get fit, but few are willing to work hard. If you go to the gym, you’re one step closer to your objective. You don’t need an expensive trainer. First, use the workout app Gym WP. Leal Apps’ app allows you learn exercises, create a training routine, and more.

This software lets you design an exercise routine for your fitness quest. You may adapt more than 500 exercises to your body and preferences here. Supersets, sets, repetitions, and more! Customize your exercise immediately.

This app helps you organise your routines so you can lose weight and get fit. Set your own routines and timetable here! The app gives exercises you may schedule. You can assemble supersets, adjust sets, repetitions, and loads to meet your goals. This gives you a personalised experience similar to hiring a personal trainer.

The app also evaluates muscle tiredness. After every workout, the app calculates your exhaustion level so you know which muscles are tired. This will help you improve your training.

Gym WP monitors your BMI, weight, and fitness. Define an ideal body target to see training changes. BMI, optimal weight, and fat rate can be calculated. The app has all the pertinent details.

500+ workouts This software offers almost 500 exercises. You’ll learn how to accomplish these properly.

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