What is GZCF APK

Android Game Crossfire Offline APK –The finest first-person shooting game is Crossfire Offline. This is a 3D first-person shooter with a realistic fighting game screen. The game level ranges from easy to challenging in repeated increments, with the ability to automatically modify the difficulty. It’s a lot of fun.

The enemy have expanded across the forest, taken over the sea, and established bases in the desert. This is your suicide mission; you must destroy each of them one by one. You have enough firepower to launch an attack against them. This is the perfect opportunity to put your sniper shooting abilities to the test.

Everything is surrounded by a fascinating and terrifying atmosphere! There are enemies hiding there. To win, you must track them down and kill them with a single shot.

CrossFire: Legends, the mobile version of the world’s most popular FPS game, maintains the general appearance of its PC counterpart while adding additional functionality and features to provide the same seamless, addictive gaming experience on mobile devices. Millions of gamers around the world can now relive the thrilling action they witnessed on the PC—on their mobile devices!Do you want a game with a lot of action? We’ve figured it out! Are these graphics insane? We also have them!

All of this is on top of the classic mutant and PvP modes that fans have grown to love, which are constantly remodelled and updated to keep gamers coming back for more! Do you want to know more? Then check out the all-new battle royale mode, which is only available on mobile! The battle royale mode in CrossFire: Legends will provide new and old gamers alike with the Crossfire experience they’ve always dreamed of, with crazy and exhilarating sub-modes and goodies by the dozen!


1. Mutant Mode: The renowned PC classic is now available on mobile for the first time! At the start of a game, all players are randomly assigned to one of two factions: human or mutant. Mutants must assault and infect humans, while humans must utilise their weapons to destroy mutants. The fight for the survival of the species has begun!

2. TDM: To win the match, kill the required number of opponents within the time limit. Fans of intense first-person shooters need look no further! This easy-to-understand but thrilling game mode will make your blood boil!

3. Battle Royale Mode: In battle royale mode, it’s the last man standing! Players can participate in solo, couple, or squad battles that include parachuting, evading sandstorms, searching for supplies, eliminating opponents, and attempting to be the last man/team standing. Every month, new sub-modes, maps, and objects are introduced. Now is your chance to join the battle alongside your friends and become the legend you were born to be!

GZCF Features :

  1. Perfect interface: a first-person shooter, full-finger touch simple operation.
  2. Realistic battlefield
  3. Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!
  4. Challenge yourself and race against time to get rewards on strategic kills
  5. Exciting shooting
  6. Various guns for you to select
  7. 3D realistic visuals
Size107.9 MB
DeveloperTencent Games
Requires Android5.5 and up

What’s New:

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  • Virus and malware-free
  • Available latest & old Versions