What is Hi Family Club App ตั้ง ชื่อ ลูก

The Hi-Family Club app works with moms to help create the groundwork for a better future for children of all ages, including those born to expectant mothers. Children up to the age of five.

Mothers will have access to a wealth of information through this app, including:

• Good ideas (tips) and suggested tasks (to-dos) are delivered to your mobile phone on a daily basis. that the mother’s loving kid has superior mental, physical, and immunological fitness.

• Track your weight, calculate your BMI (body mass index), analyse your data, and provide advice. pregnant women who are concerned about their weight. If your weight doesn’t meet the requirements, get assistance from dietary specialists.

• Dr. Saowapa Pornchindarak, developmental and behavioural paediatrician at Baby Moment, offers developmental expertise as well as in-depth counselling for children of all ages.

Become knowledgeable about nutrition during each trimester of pregnancy. techniques to use from conception till delivery, as well as specific guidance for moms who have undergone a caesarean section. Tips and information on optimal nutrition during nursing are included.

Keep track of all of your impressions. Allow moms to not miss any of the crucial moments between you and the newborn. can capture photographs from conception until the kid becomes five years old, and be prepared to receive numerous surprises in the future.

The president of the Association for the Development of Human Genius and Potential is Assoc. Prof. Dr. Usanee Anurutwong, who is also a professor.

• Monitor the development of the adored child.The findings for both height and weight were compared to the established requirements for each age group of children. Nutritional and parenting advice was provided.

Earn points and use them for unique benefits and discounts, as well as matching gifts.

Mothers can also call the Hi-Family Club Careline, which is available 24 hours a day to offer assistance.

Mothers devote every minute of their lives to their adored offspring. This is the path to success.

We’d like to be a part of that boldly walking beside your mother to that destination.

Because the future must begin with today’s application. Offers for Hi-Family Club Applications The Hi-Family Club will work alongside you to help create the foundation for a child’s future life at all ages, beginning with expecting moms. Children under the age of five

This programme will provide you with vital information, such as

• Daily recommendations (to-do) and tips (tips) are emailed to your phone.The baby’s mother is a wealthy woman. Both the body and the brain, as well as the immune system, have potential.

• Calculation instructions for BMI, weight, and body mass index.Assisting pregnant women who are concerned about their weight Alternatively, the weight does not match the conditions. With expert advice, you may be more concerned about a good diet.

• Developmental UnderstandingDr. Saowapa’s developmental and behavioural paediatrician’s compassionate love provides insights and advice for all ages.

Mo Bay is located beneath the home.

• Learn about nutrition throughout pregnancy once a quarter. or childbirth-related technical issues, as well as that specific instruction. Caesarean sections are performed on moms. Tips and guidance on optimal diet while still lactating are included.

Keep track of all of your impressions. The mothers ensure that no important moments between you and your child are missed.Images may be collected from pregnancy through the child’s fifth birthday, and you can look forward to a surprise in the future.

• Put the glitter balls through their paces to see if they like the design.Assoc. Prof. Dr. Petty Usanee Rutts Wong is President and Human Development Mitigator.

• Keep a record of the baby’s development.of height and weight are compared to the child’s age-appropriate standard. With diet and parenting tips.

• The exchange rate benefited the most prestigious forum.Discounts and gifts are available everywhere.

You may also contact the Hi-Family Club Careline for a consultation, which I believe is available 24 hours a day.

Every minute is spent on the kid by the mother. The road to success is long and winding.

We are the ones who must confidently walk alongside your goal.

Today is the beginning of the future. The Hi-Family Club is a feature of the app.

Apk NameHi Family Club App ตั้ง ชื่อ ลูก
DeveloperDumex Limited
Requires Android5.5 and up

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