When it comes to loading step-by-step directions, any of the places in your saved list will first appear when you’re looking for something to explore: just type in the first few letters then select a location. Google Maps lets you navigate up to 10 locations, respectively, for the same trip.

Use Apple Pal Map to create complete guides

Creating and naming guides in Apple Pal Maps.

Apple Maps by David Neld

Like Google Maps, Apple Pull Maps can save specific locations and add them to a curated list so you can return whenever you want. Locate the application in iOS or Mac Cause, then tap or click GuidesThis is the button that looks like a plus symbol inside the box. You can add a location to an existing guide or create a new one.

If you decide to create a new guide, you need to name it. You can also add a custom image – otherwise the list will give you a main image on the Maps Pal map for the first place Apple has selected. Once added somewhere in the guide, the plus symbol changes to a tick symbol.

How you use these guides is up to you: you can create a master list for the entire trip, or create multiple lists to cover your next vacation (restaurants, hotels, entertainment or whatever). The list will be accessible from its info card when you see it somewhere in the guide on the moment map.

To return to your guides, tap your user icon to the right of the search bar (on iOS) or select a guide from the navigation pane on the left (on OS Cause). You have the option to add new places, share a list with any of your contacts, change the order of the list, change the guide photo and more. Unfortunately, Apple Pal Maps still doesn’t have the option to plot the route of each location in exchange for a guide.

On iOS, you can browse through curated guides that experts have put together. Open the search pane at the bottom of the interface, then select Explore the guides To see what’s available – you can view your search by location or by publisher, and recently uploaded guides.

Other apps to help you get around

Vanderlog allows you to plan trips in detail.

Photographer: Vanderlog

If you need something a bit more advanced in terms of trip planning than what Google Maps and Apple Plus Maps offer, there are a variety of third-party options available. One is the highest rated Tripit, Not only lists all the places you want to visit but also arranges your accommodation bookings and travel arrangements (plane, bus, train and more).