Aditi Shaker’s path to entrepreneurship was very purposeful, and it was not a childhood dream, it was a real version of the goals as a child. Fast Forward, and Aditi’s company Zita, are on a rocket ship ride at Fintech, which has recently gone from being a money management and virtual advisor application for couples, to a provider of real financial solutions created from scratch with shared financial management in mind. .

On this week’s episode of Found, I and Jordan Crook, managing editor of TechCrunch, sit down with Aditi to talk about where she gets endless drive and determination, as she loves financial management (I’m trying to hide her enthusiasm from me), TBH). We also know why Zeta is so meaningful in the field of legacy financial solutions that in general we do not accept that the way we think about money, especially because it relates to mobility among many people, has changed significantly. Is. During the last few decades.

Aditi is definitely not afraid of real thinking about what it takes to be an entrepreneur and dedicate yourself to what you really believe in. And as always, Jordan and I feel deeply inadequate and ashamed about our life choices – even the path to happiness.

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