When Ashley Sumner created and launched Quilt, it was to respond to digital social networking, preferring to create an authentic personal interaction between people who didn’t know each other before. The app will match members for conversations and informal meetups in their own homes – but when the Covid-19 arrived, the fundamentals of the model clearly changed.

After first trying zoom-powered virtual video meetups as an alternative, Quilt decided to create an anio platform instead that provided real-time conversations centered around well-being. It seems to have a lot in common with the spots of other ito networking startups out there, but unlike Boozier Clubhouse or many of its competitors, Quilt thanks a very different kind of community for building with patience and purpose.

Ashley talked to us this week about bringing that big change, while also keeping the main mission that Quilt has been focusing on from the start intact. She also tells us about her approach to becoming a founder and leader, which is unique and inspiring.

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