We’ve all been there: you’re tucked in bed, scrolling through Tinder past your bedtime. You’re on a left-swipe roll and accidentally swipe right on someone you’d swipe right on with your thumb.

The only way to rewind – undo your previous swipe — is to pay for Tinder, so why don’t you simply pay for a Tinder Gold membership for a few bucks a month? This will cost $14.99 for one month, but the cost per month is lower if you subscribe for longer periods of time: $7.50 per month for six months ($49.99 total) or $5.00 per month for twelve months ($59.99 total).

If you change your mind before the end of the month, you’ll have to deactivate Tinder Gold. This is how you do it.

What is Tinder Gold in the first place?

Tinder Gold is a premium membership option for the dating app. It’s possible that it’s called gold because it’s the Goldilocks of plans, with more benefits (and a higher price tag) than Tinder Plus but fewer perks and a lower price tag than Tinder Platinum.

You won’t see advertisements with any Tinder subscription. You have an unlimited number of likes (as opposed to 100 right-swipes per day for free users), unlimited rewinds, and the ability to use the Passport feature anywhere.

Unlike Tinder Plus, Tinder Gold includes a feature called Top Picks, which allows you to see your “most swipe-worthy matches.” You’ll receive one free Boost each month, which will elevate your profile to the top of your local search results for 30 minutes, as well as free Super Likes, which will notify the user that you like them before they like you back.

Tinder Platinum also includes the ability to view your previous Priority Likes, which places you at the front of your prospective match’s choices, and the ability to write a message when you Super Like.

How to cancel Tinder Gold

Tinder Gold may be cancelled in a variety of ways, depending on how you sign up. The subscription will not be cancelled if you delete the app from your phone, and if you bought it via the Apple or Google Play Store, cancelling your Tinder account will not cancel it either.

Open your settings and touch your name if you have purchased Tinder Gold on your iPhone. Then go and subscribe to it, find your Tinder membership, and cancel it.

There are two choices for Android. Go to the Google Play Store on your Android if you want to buy anything there. Go to Subscriptions by tapping the Menu symbol. Choose to cancel a subscription from the Tinder subscription menu.

Open Tinder on your Android smartphone if you choose the direct credit card option. To cancel your subscription, go to your profile, select Manage Payment Account, and then Cancel Subscription.

Finally, go to the website if you purchased Tinder Gold via Tinder’s browser application. Go to Manage Account, then Cancel or Disable Auto-Renew by tapping the profile symbol. If you purchase a subscription via Tinder, deleting your account on the browser site also cancels it.

Are you still experiencing issues? Tinder offers a separate page that explains how to cancel your membership, but the steps are essentially the same. If you need more personalised assistance, take a picture of what you’re seeing and contact Tinder directly.

What happens when I delete Tinder Gold?

Until your membership expires, you’ll have access to the premium features. Tinder does not prorate costs depending on the date of cancellation, nor does it reimburse prior payments retrospectively.

Your Tinder account is not deleted when you cancel your premium membership, so you may continue to use it for free. You may always start a new membership if you want the bonuses again. Enjoy your regret-free swipes until then.