Sign up for A Google Account, and you’ll get 15 GB, free cloud storage space, shared on three main products – Gmail, Google Drive and Google Photos. Once you exceed that limit, you need to sign up for a Google One storage plan, and it starts at 1. 99.99 per month for 100GB of space.

If you’re smart about how you use your free storage and don’t have the number of files you need to store in the cloud, you can stay in that free 15GB allotted room. The steps and tricks to take vary slightly between Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos, and we’ve outlined them below. To see how much space you’re using on each Google product, visit this page and sign in to your account.

It should be noted that you must exceed the 15GB storage limit, your files will not suddenly disappear – you will not be able to simply add new files (Google says you will be “not able to receive emails in Gmail”). You’ll need to free up some space or pay for a Google One plan to start adding files again.


Gmail can help you decide which emails aren’t important.

Gmail by David Neld

Personal emails tend not to take up too many rooms, but if you’ve had your Gmail account for years, you may find that they’re starting to take up a significant amount of storage. One way to clear the decks might be to find and clear old emails: To see messages older than a year, type “old_than: 1y” into the search box at the top of Gmail. You can change the year, or switch to months if you want – “old_than: 3m” or “old_than: 6m” for example.

When your ‘More than …’ emails appear, click the selection bx at the top left of the list to select them all, then click Select all conversations that match this Option (this will not appear if many of your search results did not return). Click का .ी नाखो Buttons (can mark trash) and selected emails are erased – or instead it is sent to the Trash folder for 30 days, and then it is erased.

Emails with large attachments can also take up a lot of room in your Gmail inbox. In the search box, type “have: connection large: 10th” to find messages with attachments larger than 10 megabytes (you can adjust this number in both directions if you wish). As before, to select all the emails you have received, click on the selection box at the top left, then click کا .ی ناخو To get rid of them.