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They are well-known all around the world, but particularly in Asia, in part because of the “Korean Wave”—the dissemination of Korean popular culture—and because streaming sites frequently provide subtitles in several languages. [Reference needed] Many K-dramas have been translated internationally, and some of them have had a significant influence in other nations. [Reference needed] In other nations, traditional television stations have aired some of the most well-known dramas. For instance, Dae Jang Geum (2003) was distributed to 150 nations.

International interest in Korean dramas is due to their fashion, style, and culture. Their increased popularity has given fashion lines a huge boost. However, a number of Korean dramas have also come under fire for their attempts to use this popularity to rewrite, whitewash, or otherwise misrepresent Korea’s past, particularly during the country’s historical periods or South Korea’s dictatorial regimes. Some K-dramas have also received criticism from Korean nationalists who believe they do not sufficiently “glorify the nation” because they are a significant part of South Korea’s soft power projection to “brand and popularise” the nation.

Korean dramas are frequently authored by a single screenwriter and are typically directed by a single person. This frequently results in unique directing and dialogue approaches for each show. Unlike American television series, which can rely on several directors and writers cooperating, this one doesn’t.

Daily dramas, which air every night from Monday through Friday from 19:00 to 21:00, are typically the only ones allowed during this time. Telenovela-style dramas that air in these timeslots hardly ever have more than 150 episodes. These daily dramas are not televised during the daytime like American soap operas. The afternoon programme, however, frequently has repeats of the leading dramas. The evening newspapers frequently receive very high ratings. For instance, according to TNS Korea, the weekend series First Wives’ Club recorded 41.3% during the late 2000s, and the evening series Temptation of the Wife peaked at 40.6%.

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