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One year after the summer of 2020, outlining their commitment to systemic racism and greater representation against companies, about 20% of organizations are not looking for any diversified metrics in their hiring or hiring practices.

47% of organizations have applied technology to help reduce unconscious bias in their recruitment and recruitment.

Developed by the Talent Cloud Company ICIMS and the Talent Board, a for-profit candidate experience benchmark research institute, was given to better understand how the state communicates around diversity, equity and inclusion, diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). The past year has really manifested itself within the acquisition of talent. In these findings, the President concluded that technical implementation is a common tactic in deliberate efforts to eliminate unconscious bias in hiring.

The study found that 47% of organizations have applied technology to help reduce their recruitment and unconscious bias in recruitment. Although 53% of people have not implemented such technology, a third of these figures plan to do so in the future.

And while 60% of organizations have established different slate policies or diversity-focused hiring goals, only 34% embed these goals at the hiring or hiring manager level. Taken together, the study suggests that well-intentioned sea-suits are struggling to enter into the practice of standard renting a broader desire for a more diverse, representative and unbiased environment.

Part of the challenge is that it is impossible to completely eliminate prejudice at the human level – this is where technology shines. Before the interview, for example, the hiring managers interview the interviewer – name, address / location, college ledge, GPA. Etc. can be restarted by an artificial intelligence system to remove anything that could lead to bias. Skills, experience, potential and results – things that matter.

Read the full ICIMIS and Talentboard report.


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