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Greetings and welcome to the Daily Crunch on July 19, 2021. In the old days the capital of adventure was asons tuo. The VC did not work in December, and the July-August gust time may be a little lazy. Such diversity has declined. Deal-making, it turns out, is now the very theme for all seasons. Evidence? Just read what’s below! – Alex

TechCrunch Top 3

  • Rupee raises M 500M: The on-demand economy is still hot around the world, something we can know for sure because of Rupee’s recent half-billion-dollar rise. The Colombian delivery company is now valued at .2.5.25 billion. That’s a lot of money. Unicorn has now raised more than 2 billion since its inception, according to Crunchbase data. Rupee operates in nine countries and 250 cities in Latin America.
  • Zoom Five 9 buys: Well, at least the deal was announced. It will not close until next year. But .7 14.7 billion transactions are people’s talk. That’s a huge amount, and it’s a combination of two public companies. Both companies, of course, are previously venture-backed companies and the deal will help set some price notes for other software software M&A. TechCrunch has taken a look at the bargain price here.
  • Robinhood and Duolingo set prices for their IPO: If you see the biggest tech companies going public, you’re in luck. We’ve got new data from both Robinhood, US consumer fintech giant and US adtech giant Dualingo. Enjoy!

Start / VC

  • The switch will increase you to 20M to go to your rear: If you wear a smartwatch, you will get notifications from it at the wrong time. A flurry of getting up and moving, say when you’re sitting in a restaurant. Sweet wants to inspire fans to take better care of herself, making it a way to “move on from chronic conditions”. Given how much better we can all do in health, I’m excited about how this startup is performing.
  • $ 20M more to streamline Dover recruitment: Recruitment is not a great process. Mostly it is done by hand, and is operated in spreadsheets or perhaps in a system like a lever. But startups think there is more room for improvement. Dover is one such company, hoping that its software that enables recruiters to “automatically juggle and integrate multiple candidate pools to automatically source the right job candidates, and then manage the outreach process” is just a ticket. And now he has grown up with Tiger.
  • Breaker wants to connect musicians and influencers: The days when radio play was a way to get into the mainstream are firmly behind us. Wants to help early musical artists like Breaker explore new worlds by connecting with people from their own audiences. Along the way, the brakes will take a 10% cut in the fees created by connecting both parties.
  • For resale sales software software.3 6.3M plus: How Achin wants Dover to help recruit in a simpler process, improve the recap sales process, i.e. by creating software that provides greater visibility across sales pipelines and provides buyers with the same digital interface that it offers to sales people. Anything to make the content less awesome, please!
  • Jones wants to make it easier for commercial real estate sellers to hire: If you have a building, hiring hired people to work in or on the building is a responsibility. Jones has raised 12.5 million to help CME experts “find and hire people in a timely manner.”
  • TechCrunch broke the news that the private equity group was Carlyle Wants to spend more than 400 million on LiveU, Live streaming service.

Founders: How well do you really understand seed-stage financing?

A famous poem advises us not to compare ourselves with others, “for there will always be individuals greater and less than ourselves.”

The same is true for startup fundraising; The size of your seed round will be determined solely by the immediate needs of your company and the investors you are working with.

“Remember that raising funds is not the goal,” the three-time Y.C. Says Elam Yin Wu. “Building a successful business is all about that.”

If you’re an early stage founder who wants clarification about the sharing of equating – or if you’re biting on how much to extend your nails – read this primer. It’s also a useful overview for beginner employees and co-founders who may be new to startup finance.

  • How Lending Works: Secure vs. Equity Round.
  • How much to increase.
  • How to reach your assessment.

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Leader-world chaos: The CEO is Velodin, the leader company that owns SPAC. Has been revealed by The news follows another post-SPAC drama, reports our own Kirsten Korosek. In short, going public does not ensure that the company’s duck remains constant after its stock trading begins. Velodin is now priced at just .6 8.69 per share, down from 32.50.
  • Running CNN +: Yes, another streaming service with “+” in its name is coming out. At the moment the cable news pioneer and many useless-panels are on CNN. No is the host. The company is apparently recruiting heavily for this endeavor. CNN, I’m here to host a regular TechCrunch show on CNN +. Call me
  • Uber wants to deliver more carrots: Our solution is moving away from the news that the ride-hailing giant is expanding its grocery-delivery service to about 400 new cities. Uber also has revenue, so the timing of this news item is no accident; There will be something positive to chat about if a company’s earnings don’t enjoy investor expectations about the revenue behind its performance.
  • In cyber security today, The United States is pointing the finger at China “Mass-hacking of micro .ft exchange servers earlier this year prompted the FBI to intervene because concerns have been raised that hacks could lead to widespread destruction.” The cyber-fiction environment is changing, with nation-states increasingly pointing the finger at China and Russia for misconduct.

TechCrunch Experts: Growth Marketing

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Announcement of the agenda for the interrupted stage in September

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