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Intel reported that its second-quarter revenue and profits rose slightly as the chip giant beat Wall Street estimates.

The California-based Intel reported revenue of 28 28.1.2828 on a non-GAAP basis, at. 2.5 billion (%% higher than the previous year) or 5 5.1.28 a. The second quarter ends June 30.

Analysts are expecting a profit of 1. 1.07 per share of 17.8 billion in revenue. Intel is trading at 0. 55.60 after breaking 0.64%.

“There has never been an exciting time to be in the semiconductor industry. “There is momentum in the digitization of everything and it creates a huge growth opportunity for us and our customers in key and emerging business sectors,” Intel CEO Pat Petrasinger said in a statement. “With our scale and innovation on both innovation and implementation, we are in a unique position to seize this opportunity, which I believe is just the beginning of a decade of steady growth across the industry. Our second quarter results show that our momentum is building, Our execution has improved and customers continue to choose us for leadership products. “


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Look at the demand

Intel CEO Pete Petersinger unveils the latest Intel Xion scalable processors.

Above: Intel CEO Pat Jilsinger has unveiled the latest Intel Xeon scalable processors.

Gelsinger is excited as he has recently returned to Intel and was turning to Intel after some tough years of productive delays. Intel also faces stiff competition from Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), which has designed more innovative chips than Intel and has gained market share for three consecutive years.

It will be interesting to hear Gelsinger’s comment about the shortage of global semiconductors, which has been questioned by under-investment in the early part of the epidemic and the huge increase in demand for tech products in various markets, all of which are now expanding. Demand and Intel recently said it would spend 20 20 billion on new manufacturing in Arizona.

Intel closed the quarter with 113,700 employees, up from 110,800 a year earlier. The company said it is raising its full-year guidance estimate, G. revenue. A સાથે with a GAAP earnings of A 2 per share. billion billion non-GAP and non-GAP revenue is expected to be 9.9 billion dollars and non-GAP earnings per share. 4.80.

In the second quarter, the company earned 7 8.7 billion in cash from operations and paid a paid dividend of 4 1.4 billion. Continued strength in Intel’s Client Computing Group (CCG) and strong recovery in the enterprise portion of Intel’s Internet Th Things Group (IOTG) and its Data Center Group (DCG) have led to second-quarter earnings surpassing the April guidelines.

Intel to Tiger Lake-H CPU.

Above: Intel to Tiger Lake-H CPU.

Image Credit: Intel

Client Computing Group reported Q2 revenue of 10. 10.1 billion, up 6%. Datacenter Group reported revenue of% 5 billion, down 9%. The Internet of Things was 444 million%, an increase of 47%. Moby was 124% at $ 327 million. The NSG group was down 34% at 1. 1.1 billion, while the PSG was down 486% at 3%.

Both the PC and mobile business achieved record Q2 revenue. In the second quarter, PC platform volume increased 33% compared to a year earlier, and Moby closed 10 additional design wins for a total lifetime of more than 16 million units.

During the quarter, Intel said it would invest billion 3.5 billion to equip Intel’s New Mexico operations for the production of advanced semiconductor packaging technologies, including Fioros. Intel also launched 12 new processors for customers, including the 11th General Intel Core with Intel Iris Zee graphics and Intel Xion W-11000 series processors, with more than 300 designs expected this year.

Business perspective

Intel’s guidance for the third quarter and full year includes both GAAP and non-GAAP forecasts. Non-GAAP measures exclude the NAND memory business, which is subject to previously declared outstanding sales, as well as some other items.

Intel said Q3’s GAAP revenue will be 19 19.1 billion, while non-GAAP revenue will be 18 18.2 billion. Earnings per share on a GAAP basis will be gs 1.08, while non-GAAP will be 10 1.10 per share.

For the full year, Intel said GAAP revenue would be $$ .. 6 billion, while non-GAAP revenue would be $$ .. 5 billion. Earnings per share on a GAAP basis will be $ 4.09 per share, while non-GAAP earnings per share will be 80 4.80.


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