What is Intervalometer Mod Apk Download

A user-configurable time period can be used with Intervalometer Mod Apk, a time-lapse automation software, to trigger the camera shutter in any camera app. Most cellphones’ standard time-lapse modes simply offer automated exposure without exposure settings or further RAW format customization.

Any camera mode in any camera programme, including light painting mode, HDR, night mode, manual mode, telephoto or ultra-wide-angle mode, is compatible with the intervalometer mod apk.

Intervalometer Mod Apk automates the camera shutter trigger and functions with Android 7 and any camera app after that, just like a real smartphone intervalometer.

To trigger the shutter in a dedicated camera remote app from Canon, Sony, Nikon, etc., Intervalometer Mod Apk can also be used. It also serves as a true endpoint for the dedicated camera.

the screenshot

The following sorts of time-lapse are conceivable thanks to its adaptability in controlling the intervalometer and time-lapse arrangement.

pause for low light

pause during a long exposure

Time-lapse HDR

Star Trail / Milky Way Time Lapse A time-lapse

Time Lapse Ultra Wide Angle Time Lapse: The Holy Grail

Light painting in real time

In addition to timeouts, it can be used in post-processing (in other applications) to obtain frames for image stacking to produce high-quality photographs, etc.

Star Trails image stacking

Screenshot of lightning stacking

Features of Intervalometer Mod Apk

  • complete control over timelapse setting (delay timer, interval time, number of shots)
  • endless mode
  • Flash mode
  • use any camera app (shutter position can be rearranged)
  • Try rebooting your Huawei or Xiaomi handset if it won’t work or won’t respond to touch input.
Apk NameIntervalometer Mod Apk Download
Size2.8 MB
Requires Android5.5 and up

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