This was followed by a similar dreamer exclamation by another astronaut, Richard Branson, who also showed his self-financed subborbital giant something beyond human language. “I can’t judge him,” he said. “She’s indescribably beautiful.” One word they used was a place of “inspiration”, in their view, it was not an infinite void but a life-changing mountain bar that symbolized what human beings could do.

Virgin’s lead operations operations engineer, Colin Bennett, who was on the flight, boarded the train of wonder and showed a kind of paradise. “It’s very Zen,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. What struck me were the colors and how far it looked. … I was applauded. “

It seems that space travel, is it a matter of inspiration, beauty and return … in our natural state?

Of course, we have already heard a lot about the abstract magic of looking at the Earth from NASA astronauts who experienced spiritual moments during their tenure. But, as people increasingly visit space not to work, but to immerse themselves in life-changing experiences, their revelation goes from a translucent side effect to the point of the matter. The basis of space tourism is not exactly a guaranteed satori, but it is certainly implied. (That, and in a very fun floating. RSS First Step, video of New Shepard’s capsule, showed the crew messing and playing, tussling the ball, and pitching skittles without gravity on each other.)

But Jeff Bezos was rushing about his flirtatious amazeb ball l-ness with space, but the fact is that ultimately all those jumbo are secondary to him. The thrill and revelation of space travel is the main reason why Blue Origin began: to embark on a journey on which millions of humans would leave Earth to live and reproduce in space colonies, and expand our species to trillions of souls.

When I spoke to him in 2018, he was clear about this: “I love space adventure; “That’s great,” he said. “But it extends beyond the importance of ensuring that our grandchildren do not face neighborhood life. Basically, do we have a choice as a culture, which we expand into the solar system or do we accept stasis here on Earth? Over the years there have been many reasons why people have given us why we need to go into space, and this is the only one I personally find enthusiastic. “

He reiterated the message at a post-flight press conference yesterday, though tactfully avoiding explicit mention of space colonies. “What we’re doing is not just adventure,” he said. “It simply came to our notice then. Because something we’re doing is something big. … We will build a path to space so that our children – and their children – can build a future. “

He insisted that his goal was not to escape the earth, but Savings That’s because it’s “the only good planet in the solar system.” But, as I understand it from the 2018 conversation hours, he sees the earth as a defense, a paradise, once destructive production migrates into the incredible vastness of space, so that the natural ecology can be enriched. The people who still live here will be the guardians of the earth. Huge populations of humans living in picturesque galaxy colonies – don’t think of the crushed International Space Station, but huge noble structures with lakes, shopping malls and stadiums – may return to their planet for a visit or a stay.