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In Konoha, you live an everyday existence. Once Saru arrives to assist you, you can unleash the power of your clan and extend your capacity to make people your followers.

Jikage Rising APK,You’ve never accomplished anything in Konoha, and now you’re back in the past. With the assistance of the mysterious Saru, you unlocked the power of your clan and obtained the ability to convert people into your followers. You’ll need to find and indoctrinate essential kunoichi who can aid you in your mission to resurrect your clan. This is a common misunderstanding.

There are a lot of anime shows to choose from right now. Animated cartoon shows from Japan are presently being shown all over the world. The anime business has grown a lot over the last decade, and it now ranks as one of the best entertainment industries in the world.

Naruto is one of the most popular anime series nowadays. Jikage Rising is a game that will take you back in time while also providing you with a completely new experience! The game engages both your senses and your memory.

This is a simulation game for adults, not a combat or role-playing game. In order to complete this task, you will have to bring back the family of the strange thing that came to you one night.

You’ll need to gain control of the ladies of Konoha in order to do this, since they’ll have a lot of power in the future. The first thing you’ll do is put on a disguise to keep the women under your control. This one-of-a-kind narrative will give you the freedom to do anything you choose.

Highlights of Jikage Rising

Many anime series, including Naruto, are currently accessible. Jikage Rising has an interactive village.

If you want to play a Naruto simulation right now, the choices are unlimited. You can watch all of the anime shows since they are all fascinating.

There are several Naruto games available for download and play right now that focus on combat and storytelling. If you’re sick of the same old games, try something new! I hope you like Jikage Rising, a Naruto simulation game for adults.

In this game, you will be asked to assist a mystery entity in reviving its tribe. It would be good if you tried new things to get the women of Konoha to do what you want.

After that, you may visit the House of the Hokage, the House of the House of Hyuga, a general shop, a bathhouse, Yamanaka Flowers, Ichiraku Ramen, and a garment store, among other locations. While attempting to seize control of the community, you will be able to do a lot of good for the ladies.

Jikage Rising has numerous Naruto characters, so if you enjoy watching Naruto, you’ll enjoy Jikage Rising. Naruto isn’t your standard Naruto game, with its fighting, chatting, and other dull activities. Rather, you’ll get the opportunity to meet Tsunade, Sakura, Hinata, Temari, Ino, Konan, Tenten, Karin, Kurenai, and a slew of other Konoha ladies.

You must help a mystery entity bring its kin back to life. All of your favourite Naruto characters are featured, so you’re guaranteed to have a good time! If you’re a big fan of the programme, you should get this game.

In comparison to previous Naruto games, this collection’s Naruto game offers a unique tale. It’s not like any other manga or anime narrative you’ve seen or read. A strange creature approaches you and begs you to resurrect the clan.

To induce trance in the ladies, specific techniques must be used.This allows you to enjoy yourself while they are hypnotised. You have influence over the ladies in the community, so you’ll be able to finish your assignments.

Play the game however you like-this is an adult simulation game, so you may do whatever you want! You have complete freedom to travel wherever you want in the village at any time. You may also follow along with the storey and finish it.

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