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Apk NameJumbo Airport Story Apk Download
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Requires Android5.5 and up

What is Jumbo Airport Story Apk Download

A dot-picture management simulation called “Jumbo Airport Story” lets you run an airport. A new airport was constructed on a sizable piece of land outside the city. The player can choose what to do with this airport. reliable Cairosoft’s game quality is excellent.Don’t hold back, come on. Let’s guide the recently opened airport to the top global airport with plenty of entertainment.

Let’s build an international airport that connects to the world. 
Create a variety of facilities at the airport to boost business and consumer pleasure. Both horizontal and vertical are acceptable. It may be claimed that Cairo Soft Games is more of an autonomous genre than the town construction game represented by “SimCity” in general terms. Let’s construct and improve amenities that people will love (drop a lot of money). Also, since it is a one-time purchase app, there are no recurring payments or ads!


Although it is enjoyable in a casual way, it is nevertheless difficult enough. The Kairosoft game is that. content that is considered to be traditional arts and home crafts and is full of security. Even if you can play simply, the engagement factor is pretty powerful because parameters are precisely adjusted for each facility. Be careful, time thief!


What makes Kairosoft so appealing? Pixel art produces a lot of useful things that are safe for everyone. This job has a high degree of freedom and permits you to control the airport from the start aggressively, even though it comes with a full description. What to do Although the game’s pace is quite slow and you cannot skip it, it’s possible that you will love its leisurely construction.


The aircraft has landed! Airports are fun to visit. Our goal is to please these folks so that they stop giving us money. Create a variety of amenities! Choose your menu. By the way, I’ve mistaken Haneda for Narita before. Jumbo Airport Stories Your sales will constantly rise if you cater to the needs of numerous clients.

In addition to shops, benches and plants with leaves also play a significant role. There is no longer a general commercial facility at Jumbo Airport-Story Airport! Anything is welcome. After a few years of playing, Kairoge starts to pick up speed and becomes more engaging.

If you know how to use it, you might not know when to quit. By the way, I tend to feel more comfortable at New Chitose Airport than I do going to and from Sapporo.

Set up a “café” or “bookstore” first, and then, if you have enough money, add stuff to make it stronger. When I run out of money, it’s routine for you to give me a little. I’ll be appreciative. The words “bench” and “sofa” are crucial to boosting client satisfaction. Plants won’t obstruct the aisle even if you place them there, so you can arrange them to increase their popularity.

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