Lachit Borphukan App [All Schemes Unlocked]

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What is Lachit Borphukan App

The Assami government is making significant efforts to improve the well-being of its people. The 400th anniversary of the birth of Lachit Borphukan, a revered national hero, was commemorated by the Assam government. He fought for Assam against the Mughals. To honour the national hero for his bravery, gallantry, and sacrifice for the country, the Assam government launched the Lachit Borphukan app. The Lachit Borphukan app’s online registration process and works uploading will be discussed today.

Who was Lachit Borphukan?

The day of Lachit Borphukan’s birth was November 24, 1622. The Assamese, led by general Lachit Borphukan, won the battle of Saraighat in 1671 with a resounding victory over the Mughals, which was essential in preserving Assam State’s civilization and culture. Lachit Borphukan is the shining example of bravery, courage, sacrifice, and patriotism in the history of Assam. Chakradhwaj Singha named Lachit Borphukan as the commander and The Borphukan of the Ahom army. He passed away on April 25, 1672. This year, the Lachit borphukan’s 400th birthday is being commemorated by the Assam government.

What is The Lachit Borphukan App?

Hemanta Biswa Sarma is Assam’s chief minister. On October 26, 2022, the Lachit Borphukan app was released to honour the great national hero of India. This year, the Assam government is commemorating Lachit Borphukan’s 400th birthday. Therefore, the Assam government launched this app to engage people in Creating a paper about the fabled general of the Ahom empire, Lachit Borphukan.

The Government of Assam will award the candidate whose essay is chosen with a certificate, and their essay will be published in government magazines. People will have the option of writing their opinions about the commander in a predetermined format or on plain white paper.

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