Learn the Heart Apk 0.1.4 Latest Version [Full Unlocked]

App NameLearn the Heart Apk
Size38 MB

What is Learn the Heart Apk

The game is made so that couples can connect and spend time together in a fun and interactive way. The “Learn the Heart” feature lets users plan and schedule special times with their significant other, like a romantic dinner or a day out. 

Couples can spend time together, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company by playing the app’s minigames. Users can also give their partners virtual gifts, a unique way to show how much they love and care for them.

The app gives users six places to visit with their partners and talk to each other. Some places are romantic, like a beach or a park, and some are more private, like a bedroom. 

The app also has 59 jobs, some of which are only available to people who donate to Patreon. These positions are meant to give couples a wide range of options to try out and spice up their virtual conversations.

H-mode is an advanced feature that gives users a lot of ways to change how they play. This includes options to change the speed, climax, X-ray, camera settings, male transparency slide, and intimacy. 

This feature makes the experience more interactive and immersive and lets users change how they interact with the virtual world to suit their tastes. The app is constantly getting new features and improvements, making it an excellent way for couples to stay in touch and grow closer.


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