Lofi Cam Apk 2.0.6 [Unlocked All]

App NameLofi Cam Apk
Size237.3 MB
DeveloperPixelPunk Inc.

What is Lofi Cam Apk

LoFi Cam is an OLD-SCHOOL camera app mimics how CCD digital cameras work.

Retro digital camera, feel free to choose

For a unique shooting experience, the CCD digital camera-inspired colour palette is paired with a carefully designed and developed special effect and interface.

The correct number of unique features lets you be as creative as you want.

Use the EXPOSURE, VIGNETTE, TEMPERATURE, NOISE, and BLUR effects, as well as the FLASH, COUNTDOWN, and even the silky smooth ZOOM functions, to make your photos look different.

  • Importing and editing are easy to do.
  • You can take pictures of what is happening around you and also import and edit old photos and videos to make your memories even better.

Customizable save effects

There are different ways to save photos and videos, and the date and time can be changed.

Occasional new camera updates

Soon, there will be more cameras and features on the market.


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