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lotus book is one of the collection of books of lotus flowers

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A book is the archetypal example of a creation of such length as to require a significant time commitment to both create and still be considered a time investment to read. In a narrow sense, a book is a self-contained element or component of a broader composition. This usage reflects the fact that lengthy compositions had to be written on multiple scrolls in antiquity, each of which had to be identified by the book it contained. Aristotle referred to each section of his physics as a book. A book is the compositional total of which such pieces, whether called books, chapters, or parts, are parts in the broadest sense.

A physical book’s intellectual content does not even need to be a composition or be referred to as a book. Only illustrations, engravings, photographs, crossword puzzles, and cut-out dolls may be included in a book. As with an account book, appointment book, autograph book, notebook, diary, or sketchbook, the pages of a physical book can be left blank or can have an abstract set of lines to support entries. Some printed books have pages that are substantial and strong enough to hold additional tangible items, such as a scrapbook or picture album. Ebooks and other digital formats can be used to disseminate books.

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