Macro de Bolitas Azules Apk [Aimbot, Suppressor, Calibration]

App NameMacro de Bolitas Azules Apk
Size4.32 MB
DeveloperGarena International

What is Macro de Bolitas Azules Apk

The blue ball macros for Android are a type of tool or piece of software that can make shots in certain mobile games more accurate and precise. The macros make the device more sensitive, which lets you target and aim more accurately.

The aimbot function of the macros is meant to make it easier for players to hit their targets, while the suppressor function helps to stop sudden movements that could reduce the shots’ accuracy. There are also bug fixes in the macros to eliminate any problems that might affect how the game is played, as well as a calibration feature to adjust the device’s sensitivity and aim. Overall, the blue ball macros are meant to help players get better at playing and doing better in some mobile games.


Thanks to the sensitivity changes, we could shoot our opponents with a lot more accuracy, which made it easier to get rid of them.


This apk blue ball macro helps us avoid sudden movements so we can get more shots at other players and have a better game experience.

Request bugs

Please get rid of all bugs, especially the 360 bug we’ve seen in some low-end and low-middle-range phones.


With this app, we’ll be able to calibrate our screen correctly to improve sensitivity and aim, making it easier to hit all of the shots.


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