Metamask Apk 5.12.1 [Latest Version]

App NameMetamask Apk
Size82 MB
DeveloperMetaMask Web3 Wallet

What is Metamask Apk

MetaMask is an extension whose main purpose is to let people use Ethereum apps without having to turn on Ethereum directly. In other words, it acts as a “bridge” between a standard operating system and this unique blockchain computing platform. Since this is an open-source project, it is free to download now, and developers are encouraged to help it grow. When this article was written, MetaMask could only be used with the Google Chrome browser. The company says that there will be different kinds of Firefox in the future.

Millions of people worldwide trust us, and our goal is to make this new decentralized web available to everyone.

The MetaMask app is a wallet and a browser at the same time. You can buy, send, spend, and trade the digital assets you own. Send money anywhere, to anyone. You can trade assets, lend, borrow, play games, publish content, buy rare digital art, and do much more by logging into websites safely.

With MetaMask, you always stay in charge of your keys and assets;

  • You can keep track of your digital assets with MetaMask’s key vault, secure login, and digital wallet.
  • You can keep your accounts safe by making passwords and keys on your phone.
  • Look at the decentralized websites and connect to them.
  • You can decide what information to share with the sites you visit and what you want to keep private.

You can import your wallet if you already use MetaMask on your desktop. We’ll help you get set up if you’re a new user.

You can take the decentralized web with you wherever you go if you have MetaMask Mobile.


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